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Some of you may know this asteroid as Pallas-Athena.

Pallas in Aries shows a perception that seeks to activate or initiate. 'Seeing' is in terms of how to get something going. Because of Aries's strong connection to vital energy, Pallas in healing shows the vision which activates the vital force expressed in techniques such as homeopathy and acupuncture. Pallas expresses aesthetically in athletes using their bodies as vehicles for the creative impulse, or in the pioneering field of kinetic art. Politically, Pallas is a very militant warrior, mobilizing the vital energy into fighting for what the person believes in. The wisdom of Pallas is that of sudden inspiration - the 'brainstorm' or the sudden pioneering urge.

Pallas in Taurus represents perceiving through the physical-sense organs. One continually 'sees' the beauty of the physical world of nature through visual, auditory, and tactile senses. Because of Taurus's strong connection to the earth and physical substance, Pallas can work through nature or by the laying on of hands in healing. Aesthetically, Pallas is strong in Taurus - skilled in using color, form, and texture to reproduce beauty through art, music, and landscaping. Politically, Pallas in Taurus is concerned with fighting for the land - earth ecology or land reform. The wisdom of Pallas in Tauurs is 'common sense' - the practical suggestions of folk remedies or streetwise knowledge.

Pallas in Gemini denotes perceiving through the written and spoken language. One 'sees' the world through a plethora of words. In healing, Pallas uses the power of words through such techniques as affirmations, neurolinguistic programming, and speech therapy. As an analyst, Pallas uses words to elicit unconscious feelings. Aesthetically this is the strength of a writer and poet, creating images with words, or of the storyteller who creates through oral tradition. Politically, Pallas in Gemini is a warrior with words - orator, debater, politcal writer - where inner truth is translated to language. The wisdom of Pallas in Gemini is knowledge - knowing, which comes from one's inner pereonal mind. Paradox can play a role in the understanding.

Pallas in Cancer suggests perceiving essentially through the emotions. One 'sees' through 'feeling out' one's way in the world. Pallas heals through creating healing environments that provide for the satisfaction of basic biological needs: warmth, comfort, food, and security. Aesthetically, the creative talents express easily through the home arts (e.g., gourmet chef), becoming the host / hostess, or creating feeling environments. Politically, Pallas is a defender of home and family, a patriot of one's country, as well as an advocate for children, the elderly, the disabled or needy. The wisdom of Pallas in Cancer is that of empathy - a knowing gained through one's hypersensitive emotional antennae.

Pallas in Leo represents a creative perception that is especially strong. One 'sees' in terms of how one can impress one's unique vision upon the world. As a healer, Pallas works with art therapy, psychodrama, play (sand tray) therapy, dance therapy, and stress reduction through pleasure. Pallas in Leo people crete through drama, acting, performing, courtship, and romance as an art form, and through solar inventions. Individuals with Pallas in Leo have charisma and the ability to stand up in the public eye as a front person fora causes, and to sway the masses through political comedy and darma. The wisdom of Pallas in Leo is the wisdom of the Creative Impulse that vies birth to new forms of expression.

Pallas in Virgo indicates an analytical perception. One has the abilty to see the essence of things in their simplest forms apart from the surrounding superfluous complications. In healing, Pallas is skilled in Hatha-Yoga techinques, and in purification of the body through food (nutritionalist or herbalist) and through exercise. Aesthetically,s he rbings an image to earth-form through the integrity of detailed craftsmanship for practical use (pottery, woodworking, sewing, computer programming). Politically, she fights for perfection, high quality and standards in any field. The wisdom of Pallas in Virgo is the wisdom of discrimination - separting the wheat from the chaff.

Pallas in Libra mirrors a perception that seeks to reconcile opposites. One sees in temrs of spatial relations, bringing balance, composition, and cohesion into view. As a healer, Pallas works here with techniques of energy balancing such as polarity therapy and macrobiotics (yin-yang), t'ai chi, marital counselling, conflict management, and gestalt techniques. Aesthetically she is very srong, skilled in creating harmonious designs in graphics, interior design, and fashion. Politically, she is a defender of justics, seeking to implement the arts of peace - meditation, diplomacy, and legal action. The wisdom of Pallas in Libra is the wisdom of balance - the ability to harmonize and integrate polarities.

Pallas in Scorpio points to a penetrating perception. One is able to see through, under, and beneath the surface of things, as in an X-ray vision. As a healer, Pallas in Socprio is very strong - pierciing to the core of the difficulty and getting to the root of the problem. In addition, she employs the techniques of depth psychology that bring the unconscious to conscious awareness - i.e. primal scream, past-life regressions, and hypnosis. As part of her healing repertoirs, Pallas in Scorpio also uses the techniques of sexual therapy and cellular regeneration. Aesthetically Pallas expresses the vision of symbolic art, such as mandalas, meanings within meanings, or sex as an art form, as in tantric practices or the Kama Sutra. Politically this is a fearlness and ruthless warrior, controlling the power of the masses, and skilled in strategy and espionage. The wisdom of Pallas in Scorpio is the wisdom of insight - penetrating to the core and grasping the essence.

Pallas in Sagittarius implies conceptial perception. One is able to see in terms of the broad-scale vision - the 'big picture'. As a healer this is expressed as mental healing - using the power of clear imagery of a perfect, whole body to resonate change and attunement. Sagittarius's connection to religion can indicate the shaman or guru, who heals through spiritual knowledge. Aesthetically, the urge is to create art that conveys the meaning of universal principles (the tarot), or emphasizes unique ethnic and cultural qualities. Politically, Pallas in Sagittairus is a defender of truth and righteousness, fighting for ideologies. This can depict the sage or adviser to the ruler (as the Merlin to Arthur), or religious warriors such as the Crusaders and the jihad (in the holy wars of the Muslims). The wisdom of Pallas in Sagittarius is the wisdom of unification - forging the cohesive links of the parts to form the whole.

Pallas in Capricorn denotes structural perception. One 'sees' through a comprehension of the structural foundation which supports form. As a healer, this expresses by healing through the skeleton, such as chiropractic, posture therapy, rolfing, deep-tissue massage, and dentistry. Aesethically, Pallas is very strong in Capricorn representing the ability to formulate precise structures (molds) into which raw creative energy can coalesce. Instant manifestation is often possible, and can be seen as a magical process. Here, Pallas excels in teh arts of architecture, drafting, and sculpture. Capricorns's association with time connects Pallas with the art of timing - being in the right place at the right time. Politically, this is a defender of law and order. There is a strong power drive  for authority over others in political and social instirutions. The wisdom of Pallas in Capricorn is the wisdom of order - putting things in their proper sequence.

Pallas in Aquarius represents a futuristic perception. One can 'see' in terms of all the various possibilities of the future. As a healer, she works with vibration, healing with color, sound, crystals, and white light (as reflector of the Sun's Leo rays). Aesthetically, she expresses through creating the new. As inventor or genius, she creates science fiction art, computer graphics, new-wave music, rock video, and radical art. These artists are out on the forefront of the future, translating the tone of what is coming in for the masses. Politically, Pallas in Aquarius is the political revolutionary, advocating and defending humanitarian causes, and organizing grass roots protests. The wisdom of Pallas in Aquarius is the wisdom of the future - creating forms that will benefit generations to come.

Pallas in Pisces shows a diffuse perception. One 'sees' through merging oneself in between the spaces of dense reality and experiencing a direct contact with the object. As a healer, she excels in psychic and faith healing. Success can be achieved through the psychological techniques of guided imagery, fantasy, and dream interpretation, as well as meditation, devotion, spirit guides, and spiritual practices. Aesthetically, she brings out the poetic, inspirational, and illusory qualities in artisitc expression. There exists creative skill in the media of film and photography, which play with light and illusion, and in ethereal music (synthesizer), which evokes feeling. Politically, Pallas in Pisces can be a proponent of nonviolent resistance: turning the other cheek or refusing to fight. She is also the enlightened warrior, the bodhisattva, and the martyr. The wisdom of Pallas in Pisces is the wisdom of compassion - the recognition of the universal suffering and desire for happiness that permates humanity.
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    Tue, December 21, 2004 - 3:29 PM
    Pallas in the first house suggests a strong personal identification with intelligence, power and / or creativity. There can be a tendency to express androgynous qualities or to defy conventional male / female stereotypes.

    Pallas in the second house points to a strong practical sense and creative skill in acquiring resources. One can manifest an abundance of material possessions or value in one's life through creative visualisation.

    Pallas in the third house is an indicator or strong intuitive abilities. One can create with words and communications, revolutionize educational techniques, be an environmental activist. There exists a personal intelligence and a strong thirst for knowledge.

    Pallas in the fourth house suggests the native can be highly psychic or empathetic. The subconscious is the source of the wisdom nature. There is a strong talent for creating home and holiday atmospheres.

    Pallas in the fifth house shows a person who can be highly talented in giving birth to original ideas. There can be sexual isolation through the diversion of the reproductive energy into creative works, or through the sacrifice of passion for friendship.

    Pallas in the sixth house individuals use their intelligence to integrate and perfect systems. This creative ability can express itself through one's work or job, or through powerful mental healing of the physical body. It can manifest as an advocate for workers' rights.

    Pallas in the seventh house people possess strong mediating and counselling abilities. One's creative wisdom and skills can be used to improve interpersonal relations. There may be difficulty here with the intimate personal and sexual domain, as some see a conflict between relationship and creativity. Often such people function better in impersonal relationships than in personal ones.

    Pallas in the eighth house represents strong psychic and oracular intelligence. These people have creative skill with joint business and money affairs, the power of sexual magic, and using kundalini yoga as a spiritual transformer. One can experience limitations and restrictions in traditional sexual expressions, and instead sublimate sexuality into the field of creativity and transformation.

    Pallas in the ninth house indicates that the individual's creative thought can emerge as political, philosophical, or social ideologies which can reovlutionize through education. This is also an indicaotr of legal involvement and activism.

    Pallas in the tenth house suggests a strong destiny to accomplish and receive recognition in the professional world. One can use one's wisdom-nature to advance one's career. WIth women this position can emphasize the archetypal situation of high professional success at the cost of the denial of their femininity unless integrated with emotional needs.

    Pallas in the eleventh house individuals can conceive and birth new social visions. Working with the group format, one can implement new concepts in sociaetal organizations. One's creative ideals can be enhanced through working with fraternal and sororal organizations. There also exists a strong political nature that ardently works for social change. Creative wisdom is expressed through becoming an advocate or spokesperson.

    Pallas in the twelfth house indicates intelligence that is linked to the collective unconscious. There can be a mastery of spiritual teachings. This position also suggests karma associated with the use of one's mind, intelligence, and belife system. One may experience limitations in mind and intelligence (retardation, mental breakdown). On the positive level, it depicts dedicating the use of one's mind to the benefit of others, or as a spiritual service.

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      Wed, December 22, 2004 - 11:05 PM
      Pallas Taurus 7th house, the art of seduction ;)
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        Wed, December 22, 2004 - 11:09 PM

        Pallas-Athene represents a spark of the Warrior Goddess within you who defends your wisdom, creativity and fairness. It is the subtle qualities that allow you to fight for what you feel is just and fair within your life and it allows you to back your wisdom with a defense of strength, belief and fortitude. It is also lends a spark of courage and a glimmer of activism to your ability to believe in your knowledge, your talents and your intelligence. It also highlights talents, gifts and creative qualities that you possess.
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          Thu, December 23, 2004 - 11:27 AM
          I have Pallas Trine Moon, Sextile Jupiter, Trine Uranus, Opposite Neptune...(Taurus 7th house)

          Pallas in aspect to Sun

          The mental-creative principle combines with identity and purpose. This combination indicates that the transformation of sexual-creative energy into artistic and mental accomplishments is central to the life purpose.

          Harmonious aspects point to strength of character, intelligence, and courage. These individuals tend to create through artistic, political, or healing forms. Due to the depolarization of male / female roles, the individual usually feels at ease in all types of sexual relationships.

          Stressful aspects may symbolize a fear of one's power to accomplish, which can lead to blocks in the mental and creative processes. Difficulties may arise in relating to one's father. These individuals may feel alienated from their own sexual identity. Consequently, they can experience confusion in their sexual interactions with others until they clarify their inner confusion.

          The resolution of these conflicts lies in learning to harmoniously integrate one's creative aspirations into one's basic life purpose.

          Harmonious aspects: To be a 'people pleaser' (by combining the signs and houses); to feel fulfilled through the approval of others; depending on the rest of the aspect pattern, this individual may only know who he or she is when he or she is mirrored in the smile / approval of another; the identity may be too closely linked to the recognition of others; to have creative perception and finesse.

          Pallas in aspect to Moon

          The mental-creative principle combines with emotions and feelings. This combination can show a fusion of intellect and emotional, producing a clear perception of the world of feelings.

          Harmonious aspects can denote a highly intuitive and fertile mind as well as overall psychic ability. One's female powers and abilities will be strongly experienced and clearly expressed. These individuals may become involved with the protection and defense of minority groups.

          Stressful aspects may signify an ongoing conflict between mind and feelings, between meeting one's emotional versus one's achievement needs. These people may experience alienation from their mothers and consequently from their female identity. Other difficulties may include feelings of dependency and powerlessness due to a lack of education and self-confidence.

          The resolution of these conflicts lies in acknowledging a feminine-defined intelligence which integrates the mind and heart, logical thought with intuition, warmth, and feeling.

          The conjunction and harmonious aspects: To make an effort to please the mother (and later, the public or other females); to 're-arrange' one's needs and emotions so as to make them acceptable to others; to 'plan' one's feelings and reactions; to see strategies in connection with 'being a woman or female'.

          The inharmonious aspects: To be caught in the dilemma of the conflict that pleasing the mother does not also please the father; to compromise emotional integrity and inner safety / emotional-identity to please the mother; to be aware of some 're-arrangement' of memories (to make the past more acceptable!); events in which emotions, and reactions based on them, preclude being able to respond to the acceptance demands and standards of others.

          Pallas in aspect to Mercury

          The mental-creative principle combines with the intellect. This combination greatly heightens the creative intelligence symbolized by Pallas.

          Harmonious aspects depict strong creative-intellectual capacities. These individuals often display power and skill in the use of words and the communications media. They may be adept in the arts of mediation, negotiation, affirmation, and positive thinking.

          Stressful aspects signify potential blockages in one's ability to reason, create, and verbally express one's ideas. This aspect may point to learning problems or to perceptual, auditory, or mental dysfunctions.

          The resolution of these challenges lies in aligning one's rational faculties with the creative-impulsive so that one can successfully communicate one's original ideas.

          The conjunction and harmonious aspects: Conversation in which one is reserved / strategic; Mind and Mouth co-operate in finesse; to have excellent 'mental peripheral vision'; to get along with others but to keep one's aims in mind at all times; strategic, thoughtful, perceptive communications / ideas / news.

          Pallas in aspect to Venus

          The mental-creative principle combines with the feminine principle of love and sensuality.

          Since Venus is the goddess of beauty, this blend highlights the aesthetic qualities of Pallas.

          Harmonious aspects indicate the ability to channel sexual energy into artistic expression. One's feminine sexual identity can also be integrated with outer world accomplishments. Because of the internal sexual balance that is present, the individual may be androgynous and experience ease in a variety of sexual interactions. There may be a desire to become an advocate and protector of women's equal rights.

          Stressful aspects can signify a blockage in sexual-creative expression. Conflicting choices between intimate relating and creative accomplishment may lead to a sacrifice of one for the benefit of the other. Confusion over the nature of one's female sexual identity may also exist.

          The resolution of these conflicts lies in learning not only to actively create in the outer world, but also to become receptive and open so that one can attract the necessary inspiration. In a general sense, this represents balancing one's internal male and female energies.

          Harmonious aspects: To employ well-placed compliments; to do financial planning; or be concerned with long-range financial interests; to see an excess of strategy or gamesmanship in love relationships; to feel required or under pressure to appreciate others and things; perceptual and design skills applied to art or appearance (a kind of 'dress for success' orientation; very aware of what is pleasing to the eye); tactical use of money or compliments; to modify one's behavior for financial or social gain; to be interested in color co-ordination, clothes and manners.

          Inharmonious aspects, or with either retrograde: The best-laid financial plans of mice and men definitely go awry! There are difficulties with appreciation or with intentionally pleasing others; there is a seeming inability to do the very thing that one knows the other in a relationship wishes you would do.

          Pallas in aspect to Mars

          The mental-creative principle combines with the masculine principle of action and assertion. This combination emphasizes the valor and activism of Pallas.

          Harmonious aspects denote the ability to execute well-thought plans with strategic skill and confidence. One has the capacity to actively fight for cherished ideas and energy victorious. THe masculine energies are very well developed and expressed.

          Stressful aspects can signify a blockage in sexual-creative expression or the inability to actualize creative ideas. The sexual frustration can lead to feelings of sexual inadequacy and compensatory militant behavior. There may also exist confusion over one's masculine sexual identity with either too little or too much masculine expression.

          The resolution of these challenges lies in aligning one's creative thought processes with will and execution. Learning to access one's inner strength and courage appropriately will facilitate this process.

          Harmonious aspects: To want to work with others; to co-operate or work together; to consciously do things to please another (and check the rest of the aspect pattern to see how well this is received, how successful it is to bend / alter the independence for another's sake or aims); this combination lends itself to well-planned activity and maximum use of energy and time; there are, however, instances when one 'does things' (or becomes involved in sports or simulates anger) just to appease / please others.

          Pallas in aspect to Jupiter

          The mental-creative principle combines with the expansive broadening urge.

          As Jupiter symbolizes the search for truth and meaning, this combination emphasizes and enhances the wisdom activity of Pallas.

          Harmonious aspects signify the potential for exceptional intelligence. These individuals are likely to possess a broad, farseeing mind that grasps the implications of the large social issues that face humanity. They may engage in philosophical, judicial, or educational pursuits, or become involved in fighting for justice or defending the truth.

          Stressful aspects may point to potential conflicts between one's ambition and ethics, especially if the individual has inflated achievement needs. These may be caused by the high expectations communicated by the father to the child. This aspects may also signify mental blocks in expressing or understanding concepts and ideas.

          The resolution of these challenges lies in giving one's mental-creative powers an expanded scope of social expression, one that benefits the highest social good.

          Pallas in aspect to Saturn

          The mental-creative principle combines with the consolidation urge. This combination can lead to the concrete realization of one's creative ideas that arises from the ability to infuse self-discipline and structure into one's creative process.

          Harmonious aspects signify the capacity for mental concentration and focus. These individuals may experience a sense of social responsibility and campaign against unjust social laws. The attributes of strength and success may strongly contribute to the feminine identity.

          Stressful aspects point to potential conflicts between the need for pragmatism and freedom of artistic expression which can lead to the blocking of the creative process. Parental pressure and high expectations for success may cause these individuals to lack confidence in their own creative-mental abilities.

          The resolution of these challenges lies in using Saturn to develop a strong structural and stable foundation which will support and help to realize one's mental and creative processes.

          Harmonious aspects: To 'figure out' how to surmount obstacles; to use discipline and being responsible to advantage; to know how to enhance the reputation; to accept restrictions and tests - and to benefit from them; to plan career endeavors and use time to advantage; to know well how to negotiate with the strictures Saturn throws at you.

          Harmonious aspects to retrograde Saturn: To have fears of the father; to be unable to please him and to be afraid of the consequences; to pretend to be unafraid (of him, of life, of anything) - to effect a lack of caution or reserve; to be successfully strategic (in the career, in the management of personal resources) out of fear of failure; to have little respect for the politics of success.

          Inharmonious aspects: TO make career plans without sufficient premeditation; to reject demands to please (father, employers); to be unwilling to meet demands to comply with deadlines or complete tasks.

          Pallas in aspect to Uranus

          The mental-creative principle combines with individuality and intuition.

          People with this combination can universalize the creative impulse to produce a visionary and humanitarian perception.

          Harmonious aspects may describe an original and intuitive mind that is especially creative in the fields of science and technology. There may exist the ability to work with electrical fields in healing. These individuals may become involved in social reform, human rights struggles, or revolutionary causes. This aspect can also depict an inclination toward androgyny with the capacity to befriend all types of people.

          Stressful aspects point to the tendency for erratic thinking and an overloaded nervous system to inhibit the full expression of mental creativity. The need to be unconventional may also lead to excessively rebellious ideas and behavior.

          The resolution of these challenges lies in aligning one's mental-creative impulses with the higher channels of intuition and transpersonal thought.

          Harmonious aspects: High-strung but innovative with excellent intellectual skills; ability with calculations and presentation of original ideas (but modified by other points in aspect; e.g., = Neptune: Loss of trend of thought; intuitive influence; passivity).

          Harmonious aspects with Uranus retrograde: To not be aloof in the father's presence; to be fearful of outbursts; to attempt to adapt to the father's eccentricities and explosive behaviors; to tackle Uranian tasks (computers, astrology, group-functioning) with preparation; to not want to appear 'different' or unusual in one's ideas, perceptions or behavior.

          Inharmonious aspects with both retrograde: To be unwilling to comply with social standards (because of the house of Uranus and other points in the aspect pattern); to be uncertain of what to do to gain approval because of erratic, inconsistent or unpredictable standards, demands and behaviors.

          In all aspects, this combination produces 'innovative calculation' - thus computer programming and ability to manipulate new technology / ideas to advantage. Pallas is to supply the understanding and learning strategies required by a Uranus individual, event or scenario. Use then other points in aspect to delineate that scenario or the other skills that are brought into (or detract from) the situation.

          Pallas in aspect to Neptune

          The mental-creative principle combines with the transcendent urge.

          Individuals with this combination can sensitize their perceptions and allow access to more subtle realms and dimensions.

          Harmonious aspects can describe telepathic abilities and the capacity for psychic healing using color and music. Special talents may manifest in the fine arts, film, and photography. These individuals may possess a high degree of faith and spirituality.

          Stressful aspects can point to confusion in one's perception of reality with the inability to distinguish between real and unreal. In some instances, mental delusions and hallucinations may occur. Due to the impressionability symbolized by Neptune, these individuals may attract negative psychic influences. They may also experience a dissolution of their belief system or become inculcated with blind faith.

          The resolution of these conflicts lies in using one's mental creativity to develop a holistic and realistic perception of subtle dimensions as they interact with earthbound reality.

          Inharmonious aspects: To perceive that one must allow victimization or being taken advantage of in order to 'please' or get along in a relationship; evasions, pretences or deceptions may be employed to protect the status of a relationship; to be uncertain of the specifics of conditions for approval; to feel that there is a 'hidden agenda' or that others are 'just being nice' as a tact - that it isn't sincere.

          Pallas in aspect to Pluto

          The mental-creative principle combines with the transformative urge. This combination emphasizes the power of ideas to transform reality.

          Harmonious aspects can point to the power of the mind to create ideas that will influence and transform others. There may exist the capacity to work with regenerative healing techniques, as well as inventive and artistic processes. In addition, one's inner and outer male / female identity and roles may be subject to far-reaching changes.

          Stressful aspects can signify deep unconscious blockages in the expression of one's sexual identity and creative potential. There may also exist powerful mental obsessions and fixations that dominate one's thinking.

          The resolution of these conflicts lies in releasing the negative aspects of our mental expression and replacing them with faith, hope, and optimism. As an ancient spiritual proverb puts it, 'Be ye transformed through the renewing of your mind.'

          Harmonious and inharmonious aspects: To be interested in 'what makes people tick' and to delve into motivations, behavior patterns, psychology or the occult; to use powerlessness to advantage; depth of mind; to be unsatisfied with surface explanations or superficialities; to view situations as 'Plutonian' and to make use of Plutonian skills as a strategy in dealing with people (ie., to be intense, 'deep', probing, willing to confront, or psychologically shrewd, for example). To use psychology to 'get what you want'; to understand the needs of others and to formulate strategies to cater to those needs.

          Inharmonious aspects, where both Pallas and Pluto are retrograde: To feel powerless to please and manipulated by the conditions or standards of approval; to refuse to do the 'right' thing (to please / gain acceptance) because it leaves one feeling helpless, dominated (etc. - consider the house of Pluto, and additional aspects to Pallas).

          Pallas in Aspect to the Moon's Nodes

          The conjunction and harmonious aspects to the North Node: To share perceptions with others; to work out the details of a meeting; to prepare for a meeting.

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            Fri, October 7, 2005 - 8:54 AM

            i'm glad this got bumped

            pallas is in pisces 4th house and pallas is the only one in my chart with no aspects

            i pretty much agree with the description of pallas in pisces and pallas in 4th house in regards to myself

            a hui hou
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        Thu, December 23, 2004 - 12:16 PM
        Pallas in Pisces in the 11th house. Looks like it's trine Saturn. And I don't know how to read the symbol for what the aspect is between Pallas and my MC. The chart is in my profile pics. I understand Pallas the least.

        I feel like the 1st half of the description of Pallas in Pisces is accurate about me, but I don't know how to synthesize the rest of the information into the interpretation (house, aspects). I don't feel as if I personally am birthing new social visions (11th house), but I do feel like I have lived and constantly interact with people who are.

        Pallas in Pisces shows a diffuse perception. One 'sees' through merging oneself in between the spaces of dense reality and experiencing a direct contact with the object. As a healer, she excels in psychic and faith healing. Success can be achieved through the psychological techniques of guided imagery, fantasy, and dream interpretation, as well as meditation, devotion, spirit guides, and spiritual practices. Aesthetically, she brings out the poetic, inspirational, and illusory qualities in artistic expression.
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    Re: Pallas

    Wed, October 5, 2005 - 9:14 PM
    pallas conjunt neptune, 4th house, sagittarius
    pallas sextile 2nd house libra pluto
    pallas square virgo ascendant

    still figuring it all out...
    • Unsu...

      Re: Pallas

      Wed, October 5, 2005 - 10:49 PM
      i forgot,

      also pallas opposite gemini midheaven.
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        Fri, October 7, 2005 - 1:10 PM
        Pallas in Taurus. Like my one from

        Your Pallas is in Taurus

        With Pallas in Taurus, your strengths are your convictions, practicality and stamina. It may take time for you to make up that implacable Pallas-Taurean mind and rally around a cause, but once you've decided your convictions are set in stone. No one can sway you from your chosen path, no matter how enticing the rewards, or how frightened you are of a challenge. Those who agree with your cause see your implacability as strength, those against you see it as foolish stubbornness, but no matter -- you will not be changed by others' opinions. This internal security is truly your gift, and you're practical enough to almost never get wrapped up in no-win situations. Instead, you will plan and budget with exquisite practicality while others around you lose their heads. It's almost impossible to win against one whose Pallas resides in Taurus -- that is, of course, unless someone manages to penetrate your Achilles heel, your soft heart. No one can win you over by orders or threats, but by appealing to your emotional side another may be able to manipulate you.

        Pretty accurate for me.

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