The Capricorn and The Unicorn

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Mystical Unicorn

The unicorn is a symbol of purity, hope, love, and majesty.

'Well, now we have seen each other,' said the unicorn, 'if you'll believe in me, I'll believe in you. Is that a bargain?' --Lewis Carroll

The Unicorn represents the undefiled consciousness of the Hierarchy of Capricorn.

In the ancient days of Lemuria upon the Winter solstice, a special and most sacred rite was conducted within the "Temple of the White Thorn," dedicated to the Hierarchy of Capricorn and it’s messenger, the Unicorn. The Unicorn was called the "White Thorn" because its Purity and Light protected and concealed a sacred blossom (rose) of Spirit,

In the sacred rite performed within this temple on the Winter Solstice, a Unicorn was summoned and a beautiful virgin rode it through the "Gate of the Sun" up to a chapel overlooking the sea called the "Jewel," where on the Solstice, the rays of the sun pierced an exquisite crystal contained therein, creating a brilliant and fiery "Jewel of the Sun."

Here, the maiden would dismount and enter the chapel, where she would lift up the sunstone to the heavens and chant a sacred verse.

This would cause the Unicorn to sound it’s horn, and from deep within the forehead of the exquisite creature, an essence would form and rise through the horn, issuing forth as a single drop of dew, quickly crystallizing in the atmosphere to the consistency of pink amber. This "horn-star" would become the new jewel in the chapel, the old one taken into the mountains and fed to eagles.



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    Another unicorn's origins lie in the depths of Time, in that beginningless Beginning when all was emptiness and waste, darkness and mist. Then moved the Holy One to sunder the dark from the bright. So were established concord and balance, with darkness driven to the fringes and the Abode of Light at the middle point of all. But darkness once given a situation and compass for itself, grew weighty beyond accounting, intruding among all things and drawing them toward itself according to their weights and inclinations.

    Therefore was the balance made to tremble, and from that trembling arose a resonance - an awesome sound that circled in the vast emptiness, chanting mightily. The Holy One modulated that sound to make of it a chord of great sweetness, and breathed into its intelligence, so that it might become a spirit of harmony and guidance unto every corner of the void. This was the powerful spirit called Galgallim, whirling itself through uncounted ages while ever spiraling around the central Light. And while some things still fell into darkness, yet Galgallim guided others on a more rarified path toward the shores of Light. In such a way was balance achieved once more.

    Then the Holy One wished for a panel on which to display His greater art; and between the shores of Light and the walls of darkness He hung in balance the Earth. Its naked mountains He raised in fire and scattered them with shining gems that still reflect those flames. Then the Holy One addressed to the spirit of guidance, which is Galgallim, saying, "Out of the hidden gulfs I made thee, free and by form unbounded. Wilt thou accept shape upon Earth, that thou mayst supply a service even greater?" And even as it was asked, so it was agreed.
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      Wrapped in a cloud came he, by a bright whirlwind borne along. He descended gently from the heavens to the infant fields of Earth, even before the fires of its forming were yet subdued. Thus did the Unicorn possess the brightness of the Light, that he might drive all darkness and obscurity from him.

      He was called Asallam, of unicorns the firstborn, a creature fearfully wrought and wonderful to behold, bearing a horn of spiral light that is the sign of Galgallim, the guide. Now with his horn Asallam struck a barren rock, piercing it to a great depth, and drew forth a gushing spring of life. Wherever those waters flowed, fires were quenched and the Earth was made fertile with a multitude of fruitful things. Great trees rose up and blossomed, and under their shade came beasts both wild and tame. All this was by the intent of the Holy One, and the Unicorn was the instrument of His will. In such a way was formed the Garden of the Unicorn, called Shamagim, which means the Place Where there is Water.

      The Holy One then addressed the firstborn, saying, "Asallam! Of all my creations, thou alone shalt ever recall thy making, and dwell in remembrance unbroken of the Light, to be its guide and guardian. But never to the Light shalt thou return, until the final hour of the End of Time."

      And the Unicorn dwelled in his garden and went walking abroad in great wonder. When the Holy One wished to make Himself known, even as all things were known to Him. Into Himself withdrawing, from earth and air, water and fire His sacred breath compounded Man, who was strongand fair, being the crown of all great ion. Looking upon Man, the Unicorn marveled, and became suddenly modest and shy. And because Asallam had no part in Man's making, the Unicorn loved Man the more and bowed before him as a servant. Thus was the Unicorn the first beast that Man beheld, and the first to which he gave a name. From that time to this, the fates of these two races have been bound together; for while the Unicorn leads toward the Light, only Man may pass therein. And this was the beginning of the First Age.

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