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Warren Fried has a neurodivergent condition called Dyspraxia. Throughout all his life,there was never support in the United States for people with such a condition. Therefore, he formed Dyspraxia USA which I am a member of as a fellow Dyspraxic. He started the first Dyspraxic Movement in the United States.

Because of Dyspraxia, Warren has problem judging distances,and so he can't drive.
He can't even tell how long it will take a moving car to reach an intersection. He has a global position system in his cell phone because he has problems with directions. He has no depth perception either.
He has problems with fine motor skills which make it hard for him to properly put on a tie and insert a key into a lock. He remembers moving game pieces in the wrong direction while playing Candyland or Chutes and Ladders. In school, he was the kid who played too rough or hit someone with his backpack while turning because of problems with movement. He knows what it's like to be be called "stupid" which leads him to be compassionate for others who have his experiences.

At the age of 18,he was diagnosed as having Dyspraxia after he moved to London.

The following is from Warren Fried:

When you look upon the word ‘dyspraxia’ the Greek definition defines it as being ‘bad’, ‘horrible’ and ‘wrong’ upon action and thought. But as an independent I believe the meaning is its complete opposite. ‘Motivated’, ‘caring’ and ‘determined’ to apply your thoughts and movements to the best of your ability. The biggest concern we face in the states is that people judge on a ‘materialistic’ society, the outside appearance which isn’t prevalent upon a hidden condition. Therefore I believe its time to bridge the gap of social misunderstanding in the States upon dyspraxia by the knowledge of medical and informative information details upon other dyspraxics organisations encompassed around the world. 'Dyspraxia USA’ has been formed.

As many of you know dyspraxia is a complicated neurological brain disorder which affects each individual upon their own special means. This condition has had many titles over the years: DCD, Clumsy Child Syndrome, and minimal brain damage.
Two key factors are vital to understand the condition:
1. Dyspraxia is a life long disorder that does nor just go disappear but tricks can help for your personal means of living.
2. When you have dyspraxia more so than other related conditions, I believe that the condition can be traced back to the left and right side of the brain not connecting properly due to small gaps in undeveloped neurons.
Thus what you think in your mind and how you apply the action is altered in movement through means of expression. Therefore the message you try to express to oneself and society is not always understood.

People lucky enough to be ND have common concerns with co-ordination gross and fine motor skills, speech and sensation with concerns of touch and sound. Therefore many dyspraxics will seek some sort of medical assistance to learn tricks on how to cope better with their ND. The amazing bit with this hidden condition and still limited understanding of this condition the list of medical support is lengthy, ie OTs, Speech and language therapists, neurologists, paediatricians, and many more! Despite receiving help in such specific areas the overall diagnosis of dyspraxia is rarely determined in the States. Thus the sufferer feels isolated, depressed and violent due to the fact that they just want to see others like them and although it is challenging, they are not alone!

Warren has other conditions including Dyscalculia(Difficulties with mathematics) and Dysgraphia(Difficulty with writing) which are neurodivergent conditions like AD/HD,Dyslexia,Aspergers,Autism that tend to overlap with Dyspraxia. Dyspraxics tend to have more than one neurodivergent condition like I have Dyslexia,Dyspraxia,and AD/HD.

July 14, 1981
Birthtime Unknown

Special features:

Pholus in 7'35 Aries Stationary Retrograde

Catchword: The power of incarnation

The second of the centaurs, Pholus brings us consciously to Neptune, to the primal waters of all live and mankind. Saturn is afraid of them, afraid of losing one's identity, that precarious thing represented by the inner planets. Pholus makes us courageous and finds ways of bypassing the angst, of starting what is already inside, of bringing one's essence into flesh.

I think that fits with Warren in how he is courageous and has found ways to bypassing the angst from dealing with Dyspraxia and working deep down inside himself which helps make him a better person and inspires him to help others

with his Pholus stationary,he has a strong Pholus energy....with it also being retrograde,it can be problematic,delays involving that energy,but it can also be introspective.
trine 24665 Tolerantia in 10'08 Aries....can indicate being easily tolerant because of own issues of being intolerated because of his Dyspraxia.

semiquare Chiron - '45
could fit with using his pain,wounds to heal and teach others. Chiron can fit with being "special" as in special needs and special education. Children with special needs,special education can grow up to be adults specializing in helping others like them.

Sun sextile Chiron indicates a person who is compassionate based on his own pain,wounds. He has the opportunity to use those experiences to teach and help bring about healing in others. This is what he has been doing as Founder/Director of Dyspraxia USA. His Dyspraxia inspired him to help others like himself. I also believe that Chiron fits with special needs. Dyspraxics can be seen as being special because they do have special needs and they require therapies. They can even be in special education like I was.

Retrograde Neptune quincunx Chiron(personalized by aspecting his Sun) - could indicate pain,wounds that lead him to be empathetic. It can indicate empathizing with others who have special needs.

Jupiter on the equator
can indicate a person who is very expansive,optimistic,and can even be grandiose. Can be a teacher.

Saturn on the equator
can indicate a person who is restricted,limited,and delayed,a late bloomer which fits with Dyspraxia can even be pessimistic. Can be practical,realistic,mature.

Both his Moon and Mercury have a slow travel rate which could indicate the possibility of slow processing. This doesn't mean that he's unintelligent for he clearly is. It could indicate possible delays in processing information.

His Mercury is direct and ahead of the Sun. Therefore he has Promethean Direct Mercury which indicate that he can be an effective promoter and communicator of new ideas as well as be a facilitator of change.
That is definitely the case with him as the Creator of Dyspraxia USA.

His Mercury is square Jupiter-Saturn can indicate a combination and vacillation of optimistic and pessimistic thinking. It can indicate being optimistic in spite of difficulties as belief in success through hard work which is very common concept for neurodivergents. Mercury in challenging aspects can indicate problems with the nervous system, perception as well as problems/delays with fine motor skills which is typical of Dyspraxia as well as can be symptoms of Dysgraphia. Mercury square Saturn can indicate possible blockages of the nervous system. It can indicate possible of slow processing which is common in Dyspraxics. It can indicate rigid thinking and problems with change which is common in Dyspraxics. It can also indicate thoughts of being restricted,limited as well as depression which is common with Dyspraxics because of their difficulties.

Venus semisquare Jupiter-Saturn can indicate his values can conflict with the beliefs of the mainstream. It can also indicate a combination of overvaluing and undervaluing himself which can be issue for people with Dyspraxia.

Sun quintile Jupiter-Saturn seems like it can be a gift of expressing optimism,realism.

His Mercury conjunct Mars indicates the connection between his nervous system and muscular system that can have problems,and that is typical of Dyspraxics. It can indicate impulsivity which is symptom of Dyspraxia. It can indicate thoughts involving impatience and anger,and those things are not a stranger to neurodivergents. It can indicate being a passionate,assertive communicator which he definitely is. You have to be to run a nonprofit organization and help raise awareness about Dyspraxia.

Sun in Cancer quincunx and contraparallel Neptune indicates a ultrasensitive,highly emotional person,dreamer type which is typical of Dyspraxics. This could be a person who can be easily confused but also can be confusing to others. There could be a sense of problems with ego boundaries this is typical of Dyspraxics as they can be uncertain about themselves because they feel so out of sync with the real world like a fish out of water because of their sensory integration issues. BTW...OUT OF SYNC CHILD is a book written by Carol Ayres about sensory integration issues. It can indicate that he can be compassionate and idealistic because of his issues. He can easily empathize with others like him as well as other people who have problems. In Medical Astrology, hard aspects involving Neptune can indicate possibility of misdiagnoses as well as oversensitivity to medications. He can express himself as being inspirational,idealistic,compassionate.

Moon conjunct Neptune adds to that and indicates porous emotional boundaries being ultrasensitive,idealistic, and understanding the feelings of others..especially if they have problems like him. He can have feelings of compassion for others. It can indicate feeling misunderstood which is definitely something he experienced as being Dyspraxic like teachers calling him "stupid". He feels compassion for others who experiences those experiences. It can feeling uncertain of himself which is common feeling that Dyspraxics have. In Medical Astrology,the aspect can indicate possibility of misdiagnoses as well as oversensitivity to medications.

Sun trine Retrograde Uranus indicates an innovative person. He can be gifted with the ability to bring about change. This can great for activism. He is a person who has original,thinks outside the box and that fits with Dyspraxia....especially with Mercury biquintile Uranus which can be excellent for communicating about change. A good activist aspect.

Sun square Pluto indicates an intense person. It can also indicate that he can be obsessive which is typical trait of Dyspraxia. He can be a person with great willpower,determination,and transform not only himself but others.

Mars quincunx Uranus indicates possible problems with the connections of the nervous system and muscular system which can lead to difficulties with planning/coordinating motor movements which is the the hallmark of Dyspraxia. It can indicate problems with being impulsive which is a symptom of both Dyspraxia. It can also indicate problems with being accident prone due to clumsiness and impulsivity which is typical of Dyspraxics. It can indicate his actions are revolutionary and create change as he is an advocate/activist for Dyspraxia.

Mars oppose Neptune indicates possible problems with the muscular system due to possible weakness as well as poor vitality and lack of energy at times which is typical of Dyspraxia. It can indicate possible disorientation leading difficulties with planning/coordination motor movements as well as clumsiness which is typical of Dyspraxia. It can indicate that his actions are confusing and misunderstood which fits right in with Dyspraxics. It could also indicate compassionate,idealistic,inspirational actions which can because of his own issues. In Medical Astrology, hard aspects involving Neptune can indicate possibility of misdiagnoses as well as oversensitivity to medications.

Venus sextile Pluto could indicate the opportunity to use his skills to bring about transformation

Mars trine Pluto could indicate intensity as well as actions can lead to transformation. This is a great aspect for willpower,determination which he has used to help overcome difficulties as well as motivated him to help the Dyspraxic movement.

Venus trine Eris could be a gift of combination of social skills and advocacy which he has used as Dyspraxic advocate. It can also indicate his valuing diversity. After all,he supports the neurodiversity movement, being neurodivergent.
(note:Eris is based on theory of Eris as being about advocacy,standing up for one's self/others,civil/equal rights,diversity)

I also checked out the asteroid 15606 Winer because advocates can be accused of being whiners by people who are insensitive,apathetic,and/or misunderstand them because they fight for civil,equal rights and speak out against injustices,ignorance as well as raise awareness of issues so they will be understood as well as seek change which can disturb the status quo. Advocates,especially ones who advocate for conditions that they have firsthand experience with, can be mistakened for whiners and wanting sympathy from others when they actually want understanding for themselves as well as want understanding and compassion for others like them.

Winer in 4'33 Capricorn
Saturn in 4'16 Libra
Jupiter in 3'39 Libra
(Winer square Jupiter-Saturn)
Pluto biquintile Winer - '48

I thank God for Warren for his advocacy for Dyspraxics. I am honored to be a member of his organization and his friend. In the future, Dyspraxia has a chance to be well-recognized in USA thanks to Warren Fried.
I am very proud of him what he has done for us Dyspraxics.

Dyspraxia USA Founded by Warren Fried

Other information about Dyspraxia

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