Virgo Full Moon February 28th 2010

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This year's Virgo Full Moon is on February 28th. It's exact at 11:38 am EST and 4:38 pm GMT.

When the Moon is full in Virgo, the Sun is in the opposite sign of Pisces .

Virgo is a mutable sign, known for flexibility, physical sensitivity and changeability. Virgo is an earth sign that is realistic, process-oriented, analytical and health-conscious.

Full Moon in Virgo: finding the order in chaos; refinement of the daily routine; purification; health & wellness; sincere effort; the desire to live with purpose; a devotion to duty and service; bringing healing to the dis-eased.

This Full Moon illuminates: ailments of the mind-body-spirit that need attention; the steps to technically mastering a skill; the search for the craft in an artform; detoxification of the body.

It's a Good Time to:

Map out the steps toward a goal, with daily routine in mind.
Spend time alone, like taking a walk or reading.
Resolve to be a born again virgin, and make sex sacred again.
Take steps to improve your diet, cutting out toxins.
Spend time caring for a child, the elderly or an animal in need.
Set aside time each day to practice toward a goal.
Organize your desk, garage, closet, bookshelf.
Write letters or postcards.
Take care of business that involves fine print.
Research or edit
Attend a literary event.
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    Full Moon in Virgo

    Mandala Moon

    This full Moon (exact on February 20th at 10:30 pm EST) is in Virgo, a sign of integrity, healing and the pursuit of perfection. At 1 degree Virgo, symbolically it adds purposeful intent to the creative strength of Leo. It's those first steps toward seeing yourself with realistic eyes, and making the most of what you've got. It's a relief to just be a person, trying to do their best, and that humble confidence is Virgo's gift.

    The full Moon favors actions that refine your daily life, but contribute to an overall sense of mental, physical and spiritual well-being. It's a Moon that helps you purify your intentions so they come from the highest vision you have for your life. And with Pisces showering down epiphanies across the ecliptic, it's a moment to see how your own evolution toward wholeness contributes to those around you, and the world.

    There's a total lunar eclipse moments before by the Sun in Pisces, which NASA says will be visible in the Americas, parts of Europe and Africa. The eclipse will turn the Moon red, the color of the Earth's shadow.

    That cosmic veil will slowly eclipse Virgo's anchor in earthly order, amplified by Saturn's presence there, and temporarily overtake it with Piscean wildness. Both Virgo and Pisces are signs that have an innate sense of natural forces. The Pisces world is an imaginative, interwoven pastiche, with an understanding of things like the four elements. And that our energy body converges with the collective whole in dreams and waking life. Virgo is precise in its pursuit of wholeness through order. In Pisces, the structures are dissolved, and oneness is achieved. They are mirror-image reflections of a sacred philosophy embodied in the mandala across cultures.

    The mandala has been called "the container of the essence," and is used to illustrate sacred geometry. In the Buddhist tradition, the mandala is the visual symbol of the infinite, found in all things. With this full Moon, Virgo's understanding of organic systems meets Pisces ability to dive into the cosmic waters. The creation of the Tibetan sand mandala, done with precision and patience (Virgo) is then whirled and dissolved ritually (Pisces) to signify the impermanence of all things. There are intricate patterns and systems in nature, but at the core, everything has that center. The Virgo-Pisces axis is about harmonizing that paradox. And by truly being present to the so-called small, you see it all.

    To see a World in a Grain of Sand,
    And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
    Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand,
    And Eternity in an hour.

    William Blake

    It's a full Moon to discover the nature mystic within. Get to know an outdoor spot intimately, and watch it through the seasons. Find out what you can do to protect pristine areas of the planet, places where nature exists in its unviolated, virginal state. Use Virgo's practical magic to find ways to heal the Earth and yourself. This full Moon puts your body and its systems into focus, and it's easier to see cause and effect under Virgo's radar. Tune into your body, and see what it tells you, either through aches and pains, or through dream imagery.

    The Virgo full Moon is trined by Pluto-Jupiter in Capricorn, adding some earthy weight to our intentions. The alignment with Saturn aids our path with discipline, and helps us know the joy of productivity, and sticking with realistic goals. Four planets in Aquarius (Neptune, Chiron, Venus and Mercury) bring the possibility for the unexpected to happen. Mars in Gemini has us reaching out in all directions, and curious about the new.

    It's a moment for a shake-up, and sometimes that comes through jarring external events. When fragments fly psychically and in reality, it's a vulnerable moment, but one when original innovations to solve practical problems could emerge. The juggling of forms, while they're all made of the same stuff, means it's a full Moon to reinvent yourself. The path could be zigzag rather than linear. Mercury retro reaches back for timeless genius. A breakthrough could change your whole perspective. But with earth signs balancing things out, what's ultimately illuminated are the real steps that you know will get you there.

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