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* i'm an 11 ;)

The Master Number 11:
The Illuminator

The meaning of the number 11 is "Spiritual Messenger." In the ideal, the master number 11 is on a journey to find its own truth (illumination), using spiritual inspirations as a guiding light, and then bringing these illuminations to others to help raise spiritual awareness on the planet.

You might say the 11 is born to bring spiritual insights (messages) to Earth.

Intuitive, sensitive —and very enthusiastic —it's no surprise that the 11 is associated with bright colors and translucent gems and metals.

Mastery through Spiritual Illumination

As we have said before, numerologists write the master number 11 as 11/2 to honor both the energies of the 11 and the 2, and both play an integral part in the story of this master number. In addition, the 11 combines all of the traits of the 1 —twice over, and at the same time includes the traits of the 2.

How these two numbers play out together is the real story of the 11 master number. You might think of this number as two 1s, which embody individuality, the pioneering spirit, leadership, solitude, and independence; and a 2, which personifies companionship, team spirit, harmony, and peace.

The master number 11 is sensitive, dreamy, and idealistic, and it will often have revelations born out of its own experiences with life and the constant search for truth about the mystery of life.

Elevens love to delve into the hidden mystery behind any of the many challenges they're called to face, whether it's the mystery of relationships, money, or the work world. While 11 can participate in the social world, they really live more on the inside than in the external world.

Learning to Surrender to Higher Ideals

One can't seek recognition with any of the master numbers; rather, these are the humanitarian numbers and require one to surrender to higher ideals. The 11 must live in truth, which is revealed through life's lessons. Their most rewarding opportunities will come from living and teaching truth as they see it, the truths they've discovered along the road.

The 11 are intense, and at times electrifying. In fact, they can have trouble with nervousness because the 11 is a highly intense vibration. At the same time, 11 have great courage and are highly creative.

The 11 are humanitarians to the bone —it arises from their very souls. Perhaps it's the 2 in this number that brings their unique ability to bring peace through negotiations.

The Pathway for the 11

The pathway for 11 is often hidden, and they must stumble along until their inner worlds are securely established and then taken out into the outer world. The stress is having to stay centered and balanced at all times because there's a tendency to swing from extremes. This number has the capacity to see the broad picture, to see the vision, to hold the dream —but it must find an outlet where it can be an active participant in the vision.

The 11 are inspirational leaders, however, only when they draw on their cosmic knowledge through profound intuitive abilities. They're leaders only when their vibrations are raised to the two 1s.

If an 11 doesn't respond to the higher vibration, the 11/2 will be working at the lower vibration of the 2, in a position of supporting others. While this is an excellent outlet for the energy of this number, the 11/2 can't play the supporting role forever: The 11 is born to lead and to bring spiritual truths to people, as the master teacher.

As we've suggested, the 11 is a bright light with a spiritual message. In fact, the word "light" adds up to 11

Weaknesses of the 11

The 11 walks the fine line between greatness and self-destruction. This number can be given over to fear and phobias or soar to the heights of the enlightened. The 11 growth and stability lie in the acceptance of his or her unusual gift for intuitive understanding and spiritual truths. In fact, the 11/2 must learn to live with faith: This is where the 11 peace is made.

Key Words

Very bright
Mother of pearl
The Illuminator
The Spiritual Messenger
Uplifts humanity
Brings light to humanity
Nervous energy
Seeks spiritual truth
Spiritual teacher
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    The meaning of the master number 22 is "Spiritual Master in form." The 22/4 has the unique ability to see the large picture, the details, and the spiritual principles needed to execute all of these into concrete form. This number builds things for humanity.

    The 22/4 doesn't just build —it builds big. Once you begin to learn the key words, colors, and gemstones for this master number, you'll begin to understand why.

    This master number combines all of the traits of the 2 —twice over —and at the same time includes the traits of the 4. As with the 11/2, it's how these two numbers play out together that's the real story of the 22/4. You might think of this number as two 2s, which embody high sensitivity, intuition, harmony, and relationships; and 4, which represents hard work, discipline, practicality, building, organization, bringing things to form.

    For the master number 22/4, the demands of the 2 must blend with the 4, and this is its struggle and its glory. Like the other master numbers, the 22/4 has a heightened sensitivity that gives it a unique ability to sense things, but also, when out of balance, causes health issues.

    Mastery through Self-Enterprise

    The 22/4 has exceptional organizational ability. That's because the 22/4 has the balance of a focused mind and the highest ideals and brings both to any project or undertaking. The 22/4 is a natural leader, and can use esoteric wisdom to achieve tangible results. This master number has the desire to build big projects or set big goals —and the lesson is to use these desires to bring greater good to all.

    The 22/4 is inspired to apply cosmic principles of metaphysics and spiritual and philosophical teachings to the physical and material world, and in this way invent new ways to apply these age-old principles.

    Meet the Master Builder

    The 22/4 loves to build systems, programs, projects, and organizations that are useful, practical, and uplifting. Naturally, this master builder is highly creative, and is delighted to create something that calls for order, planning, and bringing people to a higher sense of awareness in the process.

    The 22/4s are intuitive, natural leaders, and they're creative, much like the 11/2, except that they're better adapted to the world and know better how to deliver the same truths in a more acceptable practical language. Life for the 22/4 is more solid than that of the 11/2, partly because the 22/4 is able to bring into tangible form the ideas the 11/2 can only dream of. With its practical know-how and ability to organize and plan, in fact, the 22/4 manifests dreams.

    It's the mission of the 22/4 to elevate its body and make it conscious of the oneness of mind, body, and spirit. This number carries the root number 4, which governs health. For this reason, it's not uncommon to find 22/4 with weak bodies, who have to work on their health, or, at the very least, improve their health using progressive, spirit-honoring methodologies.

    Sometimes, 22/4s feel as if they live in two worlds or two realities —the slow, everyday world of details and problems; and the inspired world of creativity, where everything and anything is possible. This master number is very connected to the earth and loves to work with its hands, yet at the same time is equally connected to the world of universal law, spiritual principles, and other world possibilities.

    Attributes of the 22/4

    The 22/4 is the number of someone who is serious, hardworking, loyal, and supportive. Like all of the master numbers, 22/4s feel things deeply, but don't get caught up in unproductive dreaming. Instead, the dreams of the 22/4 are based on facts and practical usefulness. After all, these are the master doers, and they're willing to work hard to achieve their vision for mankind.

    Interestingly, the root of the 22 is the 4, the number of hard work —and the word "work" adds up to a 22:

    The 22/4 can function well in arenas that allow for a broad perspective, encompass national and international interests, and promote universal understanding, peace, and higher consciousness.

    Weaknesses of the 22/4

    Like all of the master numbers, the 22/4 is very sensitive. Because 22/4s have the tendency to be involved in large projects, they can feel overwhelmed when too many obstacles are present, and when this happens, the 22/4 may need to resort to the vibration of the 4 to regain a sense of groundedness.

    Remember, master numbers are a very high vibration and require balance of the mental, physical, and emotional body. A 22/4 can become a workaholic, so he or she must stay disciplined about achieving balance and then use his or her powerful energy to build wonderful things that contribute to the general welfare of all.

    The Master Number 22

    Key Words

    The Master Builder
    Master organizer
    Master planner
    Large undertakings
    Practical idealism
    Dreams into reality
    Natural leader
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    • Life Path Number 22/4

      Your special path will lead you to turn dreams into reality. The 22/4 Life Path Number, like the 4, is seen as one who builds and manifests—but with a larger purpose. Once you've mastered this lesson, you'll move on to the next phase—becoming a Master Builder.

      You're a born creator of activities that benefit all of humanity, and you're viewed by others as extraordinary. You back up your word with deed, again and again, and others know that your word is as good as gold—or even better. With a 22/4 Life Path Number, good management principles are behind what you do—and what you do is for the lasting good of humankind. Lucky us!

      With a 22/4 your career/vocation options could include a planner, organizer, statesman, diplomat, ambassador, president, business executive for a large organization (national or international), promoter, or organizer, because you'll thrive in any line of work that allows you to utilize your considerable talent for organizing, being efficient, and applying your practical know-how to build a dream.

      You command respect and are seen as an expert in your field. In fact, you're destined to be a leader who is both practical and inspirational and who understands that success comes not only from cooperation, but from being of service to humankind.

      Bill Gates is a 22 ;)


        The 33

        The meaning of the number 33 is ''Master of Healing Energies Through Love." This number is on the journey of discovering its powerful healing energy through an open heart and unconditional love. Through love and example, the 33/6 awakens others to its depth and understanding of how to make spiritual truths work in the material world.

        Key Words:

        Altruistic and selfless —those are just two of the key words that begin to describe the 33/6. We've provided colors and gemstones to help you understand this deeply felt master number, too.

        The Master Number 33

        Key Words
        Deep sky blue
        Lapis lazuli
        Selfless service
        Nurturing of the spirit
        Crusader for justice
        Cosmic parent
        Teacher of teachers

        Mastery through Giving

        For a long time, the 33/6 was thought to be the highest master number there was, signifying the highest human consciousness possible. Because of this, the number 33 has been elevated to nearly divine status, and called the number of the avatar. However, with the expansion of human consciousness, we now allow for other master numbers beyond the 33.

        The 33/6 is a champion of the underdog, and exudes compassion, love, and empathy. This master number willingly gives of itself, lending encouragement and heartfelt understanding to all who need help. It's thought that the 33/6 has Christ-like qualities of sacrificing itself for the sake of others. However, because of their tenderheartedness and sensitivity, 33/6s can easily be swept into the despair of others, feeling the deep pain of the world.

        The 33/6s are highly emotional and can find themselves in emotional distress from their heartfelt identification with those in need. Like all master numbers, the 33/6 will need to master balance and detachment (but with a caring attitude). These are not easy lessons for this number. Because it's made up of two 3s, this number experiences a double dose of emotional expression.

        Plus, with the number 6 (3 + 3) as its root number, it carries the weight of self-imposed responsibility for the welfare of others.

        The Prime Directive of the 33/6

        The prime directive of the 33/6 is to benefit, serve, and administer to as many people as possible. Because of the strong presence of the need to right injustice and human rights, those with this number are often found caring for the elderly or the handicapped, or in some from of service which benefits humanity. This number is exemplified by Elizabeth K übler-Ross, whose life work is devoted to teaching and helping others understand the process of death and dying.

        This number would like to heal all with its love.

        Attributes of the 33/6

        This master number has a special gift of working with humility and is unaffected by the power it has. If you're a 33/6, many will perceive the light that glows from you and will gladly follow you: Your faith and love show them the way. You see beyond the situation to the good in all people, regardless of color, race, or creed. In fact, you're Love personified.

        Weaknesses of the 33/6
        The greatest challenge for the 33/6 is to focus his or her emotions on higher goals in tune with spiritual laws, rather than trying to solve each and every problem of humanity. This master number is here to learn detachment, to express love and kindness, and to willingly respond to the needs of others. If the 33/6 remembers the universal principle, "everything happens for a reason, and there is a divine plan for all of life," then the 33/6 will lessen his or her stress and restore balance. In this way, the 33/6 will find direction for his or her own spiritual growth.

        The 33/6s may have trouble distinguishing where their service is truly needed due to their confusion over hearing someone's story and deciphering fact from fiction. They will learn that they can't be all things to all people. Remember, 33/6s have come to learn mastery for themselves through loving service, and they must always strive for balance, emotionally and spiritually.

        Clear expression of the 33/6's own needs and a willingness to let others be responsible for their own "stuff" is part of what the 33/6 is here to learn. Sacrifice is valuable only as long as there is still a "self" left to do the sacrificing. The 33/6 may be the "Cosmic Parent," and the Master of Healing Energy, but, like all parents and healers, the 33/6 must hold some back for him- or herself.

        The lesson of healing with love is to love yourself first and to heal yourself first, so that you may truly be of service to mankind.

        • Life Path Number 33/6

          Your special path will lead you on a journey of unconditional love. With a 33/6 Life Path Number, you'll be learning about selfless service, altruism, and nurturing of the spirit. Once you've mastered these lessons, you'll move on to the next phase—being the cosmic parent.

          You're a born champion of the underdog, empathetic and tenderhearted. With a 33/6 Life Path Number, the self is truly secondary to the needs of others, and people with this Life Path are often known for their humanitarianism and giving. Sacrifice comes easily for you if you've got a 33/6 Life Path—but chances are you don't think of it as sacrifice at all.

          Any community service project provides a successful career/vocation option for the 33/6 Life Path Number, whether you work with the homeless, on hunger projects, for refugee assistance, on charities that serve the less fortunate, for children's education, or even as a missionary. In addition, you're suited to any job that will allow you to joyfully bring out the best in people, and to serve with love.

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