Yod 'Finger of God'

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It is believed that this Aspect has karmic lessons to teach us. The Yod, also referred to as the 'Finger of God.' In this little-known configuration, considered the most fated in Astrology, two planets which are sextiling (a sixty-degree Aspect) each other are in communion with a third planet which rests opposite the midpoint of the sextile.

These three planets would then form the letter 'Y' in the heavens (draw it for yourself and you'll see). The third planet, effectively at the bottom of the 'Y' figure, is the trigger point of the Yod. This very fated configuration adds great emphasis to the quincunx and speaks to significant lessons and issues to be overcome. Further, whenever a planet is transiting through the midpoint of the sextile segment of the Yod, the entire configuration is essentially on red alert. The burden is upon us to listen closely at this time, and to learn.

Let’s start at the beginning with the Quincunx


The quincunx aspect (discovered and/or publicized by the great astronomer, Kepler; a deed for which some of us will never forgive him) is one of the major appendages to the standard roster of the 5 Ptolemaic aspects, yet some astrologers still consider it a minor aspect. It isn't.

A quincunx is present in a chart when two planets are 150 degrees from each other. Since this is one of the minor Aspects (there are nearly ten of them), an orb of influence of only one to three degrees is considered acceptable. This Aspect is also referred to as the inconjunct.

The planets involved in a quincunx do not share the same quality or element, as is the case with squares and trines. Rather, these are two planets with very little in common, and their celestial meeting can be uneasy as a result.
This Aspect, above all, demands that adjustments be made.

Things will appear muted or unclear and one must resolve to gain some focus on the matters at hand. A reorganization of priorities, as well as a change in the way things are done, is wanting. A change in attitude, outlook and perspective can also be indicated. The individual must take a further cue from the planets and Houses involved in this Aspect to understand its energy fully.

Aries-Virgo Taurus-Sagittarius
Cancer-Sagittarius Leo-Pisces
Aries-Scorpio Gemini-Scorpio
Cancer-Aquarius Pisces-Libra
Taurus-Libra Gemini-Capricorn
Leo-Capricorn Virgo-Aquarius

The quincunx has been noticed frequently in death charts; some astrologers parallel this propinquity to the fact that, from the Ascendant in the natural or equal houses, the quincunx will equate to either the cusp of the 6th house (illness, hardship), or the 8th house (death, crisis, loss). This is why some astrologers (including me) consider it to be a fateful aspect and a difficult one.

The planets' energies have to combine, but there is no straightforward way for them to 'resolve', or interact -- no apparent conflict, as with a square or an opposition; no fusion, as with the conjunction; and no flow, as with the trine or sextile -- so the result is something like a train wreck: neither saw the other coming.

A quincunx, because of this nebulous imperative to combine energies that can't 'see' each other, can often translate in natal charts to obsessive/compulsive disorders, and other sorts of chronic, unresolvable conditions. Like house work, it is never 'finished'. Unlike a square, which creates a situation of tension and release (achievement; resolution), the quincunx is the astrological equivalent of a coma, since its energies are largely unconscious or subconscious throughout life and impossible to finish.

*(Yod) Now, when you have two of these lovely quincunxes joined together by a sextile to create a yod, you have a fateful situation. What is fate? That which cannot be controlled or altered. Why cannot a thing be controlled or altered? Because it is either subconscious, or beyond one's control -- thus the enigmatic moniker of the "Finger of God".

A yod will typically work out in a natal chart as some form of chronic (unfinishable) situation, such as illness, neuroses, habit formations one cannot change, etc. But, since it is always happening (like a memory resident program on a computer), it is continually exuding the energy characterized by its planets, and their signs, and the houses in which they're posited... and in most cases this corresponds to some manner of creativity, because the energy must find an outlet for continual release.

With regard to the "cannonball effect" it is most potent when either the Sun, or the Midheaven, comprise one point of the yod.

If a yod were a cod, we'd all go fishing; but it's more shark than a lark, despite all our wishing.
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    Sun, July 18, 2004 - 2:20 PM
    ok, I seem to have this in my chart, Saturn in the 12th in Aquarius, sextiling Jupiter in Aries in the 2nd pointing at my Sun in Leo in the 6th.............. so when you say look out for when there's a transit to the midpoint, is that the Leo, or the midpoint between Saturn and Jupiter (Chiron in Pisces in the 1st?) also, I don't quite get the quincunx relationship to this, both SAturn and Jupiter have quincunx angles but both seem to be pointing to Mercury in Virgo in the 7th, or do I just have a slightly different configuration than you're talking about here? Also, this sounded like the glass half empty interpretation, what's the half full version? :)
    • Oh my Yod!

      Sun, July 18, 2004 - 3:29 PM
      Hi Diana,

      Sorry for the gloom and doom, just trying to jazz up this tribe…and you know a positive spin will emerge but, for now let’s look into the difficulty (article below)

      From what I can tell from your chart Saturn (12th) quincunx (inconjunct 150) Mercury in Virgo and also Jupiter in Aries (2nd) is quincunx (inconjuct 150) Mercury in Virgo (7th)

      Don’t freak out with this explanation,

      I thought it was important to share this article but keep in mind what’s involved here; your heavy karmic placement Saturn (inhibited, fear/father/discipline) Subconscious (12th)to
      Jupiter (Faith expansion) in the money house (values resources) and then Mercury (thinking communication) in the house of partnerships

      Mercury (thinking) here is the point of the yod in Virgo (discrimination order) has little patience for Aries (spontaneous) and Aquarius (eccentric)

      How do we get out of this? Our allies

      Here’s the article

      Oh My Yod

      The Yod is sometimes called the Neurotic planetary configuration. Why (you might ask) is the Yod called the Neurotic planetary configuration? Let's take a closer look at what the Yod is comprised of...

      The two green lines are both the aspect which is called a quincunx. The blue line is a sextile.

      The quincunx is an unusual aspect. In the birth chart - at certain times a quincunx seems to behave like a nice, easy, and agreeable trine. The two planets involved are happier campers. And then other times the quincunx will pull the old switcheroo and act like a tension filled square. And the person with the quincunx can never learn to depend upon any consistency of behavior between the two planets involved.

      Good Father/Bad Father

      It's time for an illustration. Let's imagine you're a child growing up... On some days, your dad is kind, loving and gentle when he's interacting with you. Then other days (out of the blue) dad can be rather mean, ugly and generally nasty. You never know from one moment to the next whether dad's going to be the "good father" or the "bad father." You can't depend on dad to be one way or the other. You learn from experience that you can't rely on dad.

      And sometimes you wish he'd either just be the "good father" OR just be the "bad father." Because - even if he were always the "bad father" - at least then you'd know what to expect from the guy.

      Unreliable.... Inconsistent.... Never knowing what to expect.... That's the beginnings of neurosis in a child growing up... and that's also the quincunx aspect in a nutshell. Sometimes the quincunx acts like a trine, and sometimes it behaves like a square... and it's the inconsistency that's driving you nuts!

      In the Yod, you've got a small family of three planets where two united parents (with the agreeable, complementary sextile) are driving their child crazy with their lack of consistency when relating to the child.

      The two parents (Planets A & B on the far left side) are all happy and cozy in their comfortable sextile (the blue line). Mom and Dad have agreed to be in collusion (the green lines) against their child (Planet C on the far right side) and over time they've managed to convince him/her (Planet C) that he/she is crazy. And poor little Planet C never, ever knows what to expect from Planets A & B.

      And that's why the quincunx is sometimes called the neurotic aspect and the Yod is sometimes called the Neurotic planetary configuration.
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        Sun, July 18, 2004 - 3:45 PM
        yes, I know this all to well from my experiences.......... but the fateful description of it makes me think there must some point to it........... other than being confused or fearful..... It's funny I had been thinking about this in my chart because someone had pointed it out to me a few months ago, and I hadn't gotten around to posting a question........ you're on my wavelength ;)
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          Sun, July 18, 2004 - 9:25 PM
          so, if at the moment in my progressed chart, Saturn is sextile Mercury and Jupiter is conjunct Mercury is that a red flag?
          This certainly is a turning point for me..........
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    Mon, July 19, 2004 - 7:18 AM
    I think I also have a yod: Neptune in Sag 11th house, sextile Pluto in Libra on the 9th house cusp and I think Mars in Taurus 4th house opposes the midpoint. Am I right?
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      Tue, July 20, 2004 - 6:54 PM
      Hi Freyja,

      I don't see that you have a natal Yod, Neptune is in opposition to Mars. What I do see is that you have three(3) T-Square "triple Wow!" I wondered why I hadn't seen this before.

      Mars, Sun, and Neptune
      Mars, Venus, and Neptune
      Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus

      This is very important, let me come back to this with an interpretation.
      • Re: Yod 'Finger of God'

        Tue, July 20, 2004 - 7:08 PM

        I'm still working on yours, I thought I'd share some more insights about the yod until I'm complete...

        Think of the Hermit Tarot card (the yod card)

        One of the more interesting observations that have come out of Quincunx and Yod research is that very often their significance in the chart does not become apparent until the subject is approaching 40 years of age ... At about this age the affairs of life that are associated with the house location of the Apex Planet seem to take on an inordinately important focus of attention for the individual.

        The Yod, like the Quincunx, is a configuration of adjustment, transition, and reorientation.

        The temporary Yod [between natal and transiting planets] will often be found in the horoscope of the individual who wins first prize ... or in the chart of the gambler who really "hits it big" for the first time in his life. Wherever Destiny or Fate seems to take a hand in the life of the individual, look for the formation of a temporary Yod in the horoscope, or where a natal Yod already exists, look for an important transit to the Apex Planet.

        focus on the house opposition inherent between the “foot” of the yod & midpoint of the two sextile planets. Like a bow & arrow, or a tuning fork, she says the foot is mundane karma, the midpoint the esoteric mission. The aspect will eventually be triggered, or sounded.

        (the hermit)
        Yod is the path connecting the archetypical ideas of the soul's point of healing sacrifice and incarnation.

        Yod provides the code that regulates each incarnation of the soul and moulds its successive personalities. It is the "preparation of all and each created being", based on the wisdom achieved by the soul so far with all its strengths and weaknesses.

        When incarnated, this code is still available to us. It is our guiding light within. Yod means 'hand', but it also refers to fire, the wand, the logus, the phallus, the male sperm,
        the All Father: "By this intelligence the existence of the Primordial Wisdom becomes known". Yod is the hand of God, the light directing our existence from within.

        As pointed out by the tarot trump below, this path enables us to become self-contained and self-sustaining, like the Hermit carrying his own light. This means introspection and integrety, not isolation. On the contrary, some call this path "The Law of Response", It's about being responsible, setting yourself free in order to set others free, truly helping without wanting to interfere or control people (Virgo).

        Hummmm... that's the point of your Yod Mercury in Virgo in the house of Marriage, partnerships
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          Wed, July 21, 2004 - 8:42 PM
          well, I am 40, so .............. would the midpoint be the Chiron in Pisces or am I off?
          • Re: Yod 'Finger of God'

            Wed, July 21, 2004 - 10:50 PM
            Wow! Diana,

            If I'm correct, the Apex (point) of your Yod is Mercury in Virgo, and is about to be conjunct by Transisting Jupiter. yeah!

            4 Some reason "Trigger" kept coming to me even before I read any of these interpretations...I think you'll have some very good things just up ahead. ; )
            • Re: Yod 'Finger of God'

              Thu, July 22, 2004 - 6:32 AM
              yay! I could use some good things coming my way........ What seems kinda funny is it's eccentric Aquarius (restrained by being in Saturn in the 12th) and expansive Jupiter in Aries ganging up on poor little practical Mercury in Virgo in my relationship house, telling her she's crazy! I guess it might be hard to really stick it out with all those big creative ideas otherwise........... hopefully they'll learn to get along soon ;)
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        Tue, July 20, 2004 - 7:49 PM

        Scratch the The T-Squares planets, I had the wrong date...

        I still don't see a Yod and the T-Squares let's call them two with a powerful one (connecting 3 planets) Sun, Moon, and Uranus...Jupiter (Sun Saturn Mercury) and Uranus

        more on this soon
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          Tue, April 21, 2009 - 9:44 AM

          "Got my hand in my pocket and my finger's on the trigger
          My posse's gettin' big - and my posse's gettin' bigger
          Some voices got treble - some voices got bass
          We (aries merc) got the kind of voices that are in your face

          Like the bun to the burger - like the burger to the bun
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