Moon in 8th House

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This suggests an experience of extremely powerful inner energies related to issues of sexuality, death, and magical regeneration, subjects which evoke strong responses from people and which carry certain overtones of social 'taboo' and unease.

Emotions and feelings are amplified by their roots in your unconscious mind, and can erupt with great intensity and passion if provoked. You may register the presence of inner pressures which require periodic release. These may take the form of sexual and sensual desires which appear to provide a way for you to gain emotional satisfaction. Your experience of sex will be of considerable improtance; and many of your needs will revolve around intimate relationships. You may tend toward phases of compulsive or obsessive behavior, especially when emotions are attached to a lover and if passionate feelings move beyond control.

Life's subtler and less tangible dimensions will attract; and you may explore the mystical, spiritual, and magical teachings of humanity. Spiritualism and channeling may appeal, as you hope to experience the reality of these other dimensions for yourself. Experiences of ESP may be likely if you develop latent psychic ability.

You may sensitively register people's hidden underlying feelings and motivations, or environmental atmospheres. Even during childhood, this ability may have enabled you to sense your parent's inner lives, perhaps revealing that all might not be as appearances suggest. Having such a sensitivity is not always an advantage. This experience may have shaped underlying feelings and needs. Further insight, reoslution, and integration are necessary. It is also possible that childhood experiences of death or sex may have influenced you, opening a door into adult life through which you were not prepared to pass at that time.

Adult relationships may be challenging, especially if your Moon has stressful aspects, which can indicate emotional anxieties if relationships fail. Yet you can co-operate and adapt well within relationships, often being supportive and helping your partner to develop talents and potential. Your ability to modify behavior patterns for partnership harmony can have mixed results, depending on whether or not you repress your feelings, needs and desires. Through partnerships, your financial situation is highlighted. This could come through inheritances or joint business ventures, or could imply financial struggles if the relationship collapses.

The eighth house is one of transformation and rebirth, which is likely to occur through emotional experiences. Crises may happen which create an unavoidable transformation; but these should not be viewed as negative, as they are designed to be ultimately beneficial. Within any difficult periods, look for the positive potential that can be reached through crises. Hidden deep within the darkness is the ever-shining light, waiting for your arrival. It is a purification and cleansing of your deeper emotions, feelings, and instincts that is required. When this is achieved, a healing harmony will arise.

With this placement there id a deep, silent hunger for warmth, contact, and sexual response. These people are strongly attracted to women; and for both men and women, relationships with women may be the most important in their lives. They usually relate more easily to women than to men.

This location of the Moon is a partial testimony to homosexuality or bisexuality. In a woman's chart, it may draw her to another woman as a partner. In a man's chart, it may give him the female point of view to the extent that he functions more as a woman than as a man in a relationship with another man. In any case, there is much thinking and feeling about sexuality, and there probably will be at least one peculiar sex-related experience in their lives. Children with this aspect should be watched carefully so they don't become the victim of a child molester. (Check for Moon or Venus contacts with Pluto or Saturn.)

These people are intensely warm and feeling towards friends and family, and usually toward all humanity and other creatures as well, often seeing a need where others would not. They are capable of surprising sensitivity and deeds of generosity, spurred by these insights. However, they tend to suffer at other times because no-one seems to respond to their needs in the same way, not realizing that they are different in this respect from most people. Some, men especially, may wear a mask of indifference to hide their warmth and sensitivity, as well as their sexuality. This causes deep suffering because their means of contact with the warm creature life they need and the joy of give and take with others are cut off.

People with an eighth-house Moon often experience a poignant connection between love and death. Their lives are often permanently marked by the loss, or threat of loss, of a loved one in death; and they are always aware of the drama that death creates in life. Often they are drawn to the occult in an effort to see beyond the veil that separates the living and the dead, or to find an explanation for spontaneous ESP experiences.

If other aspects in the chart corroborate, there may be much suffering caused by the mother, wife, or both, whether by loss through death, by sexual affairs that destroy family unity, or by coldnes due to a subconscious fear of the possible sexual implications of ordinary maternal intimacy. Some women with this Moon spotiion will compensate for a lack of warmth in their own childhood with too great a display of feeling towards their own children, or 'smother love'. Or they may seek to fill the void left by their own mother with lesbian relationships.

This location of the Moon inclines towards what is called 'second sight' or heightened psychic awareness. Dreams are important to these people; their psyche often communicates with them through dreams. They have an uncanny ability to predict future events.

The Moon in the eighth house is a good position for writers of words or music and for actors, because these careers are ways of translating the sensuality and sympathy into widely accepted forms, and, better yet, are means for rousing the same sensitivities and responses in the hearts of others.
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    Tue, July 15, 2008 - 10:25 PM

    Because you may not have been conditioned to fully exploit your creative imagination, you will have to make a greater effort to derive any benefit from your deep sensitivity and compassionate concern for others. When you finally decide to assert yourself in serving the needs of others, you may find that they will try to take advantage of you. People tend to make more demands on you because you are so vulnerable to their suggests. Your psychic ability alerts you to people's problems, and you feel a responsibility to help them. You are a soft touch to anyone with a real problem, which you see as an opportunity to provide devotion and understanding.

    Knowing so much about people can be painful, because you feel obligated to help them solve their problems. If that is the case, take advantage of it by acquiring the necessary training so that you can earn a living with this talent. Try to establish your priorities so that you are not the last to benefit from your talents. Once secure in your profession, you will have the opportunity to expand your services and earn an even higher income.

    You do more for others than you do for yourself. You won't receive the services you require unless you ask for them, but you would rather not do that because it embarrasses you. If you develop your creative talents, you will be more free to choose the field of activity that will give you the fulfillment you want. Don't let your feelings of responsibility to family and loved ones prevent you from fulfilling your needs. By paying more attention to your own need to grow and develop, you eliminate the danger of insecurity in your later years. You must devote as much time to satisfying your own needs as you devote to others, or you will become bitter because you have accomplished little of lasting value for yourself.

    Be careful that people don't try to take advantage of your ideas for their own benefit, even to excluding you from any reward. You have an obligation to work at developing your creative imagination so that it will be one of your most important skills. Your earnings will reflect your talent in meeting the demands of your career. Don't be afraid to let others do favors for you. You will probably enjoy the attention you get, even though it may embarrass you. Sacrificing for others is commendable, but it can defeat you by leaving you with little time to indulge yourself.

    You consider it an advantage that you are psychically tuned to people's real needs, which allows you to perform services for them that others cannot. You want to enrich people's lives by doing what you can for them; and you are happy when you know you've been effective. It would be a great help to get an education that would give you the credentials you need for the work you do. This would enable you to do much more with your natural talents. You may decide to accomplish your goals in one of two ways. You may dedicate yourself in a deep spiritual response to the needs of the public, or you may indulge yourself and ignore others in their moment of need, letting them find their comfort and services elsewhere. The former, more positive, direction is liekly to prevail, and is probably the one you will take.


    This position gives an innate openness and attunement to hidden forces operating personally or collectively, whihc might express itself as the ability to sense evolving social currents, especially subtle economic and business trends. However, those with the Moon here could, at times, be confused or 'taken over' by powerful unconscious complexes which grip and overwhelm them. As children, they would have been extremely sensitive to undercurrents in the home environment, especially the mother's deeper feelings, moods and frustrations, which they may still be 'carrying around' inside them. Present relationships will reawaken earlier emotional patterns; and there is the need to delve into the past to uncover the roots of these problems.

    Early experience with sex or death may ahve strongly affected the character. Sex or intimacy could be sought primarily for emotional security or as a way of forgetting the struggles of the world. This placement is usually very responsive to the sexual or emotional needs of the partner, and will probably not find it difficult to adapt to these. Very often, there is a natural capacity to help others discover a greater sense of their own value and worth. They may literally 'care for' other people's money, or nurture others through times of trauma and transition.

    If the Moon is difficultly aspected, divorces, endings or separations may be messy and fraught with more than the usual degree of anxiety, although hitherto untapped resources and strengths could be discovered through such breakdowns and crises.

    On a more mundane level, there is the possibility of inheritance of land or property, most probably through the mother or the partner.
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      Wed, July 16, 2008 - 10:14 AM
      My moon is always interpreted as 7th or 8th house but reading this it is clear that mine is definitely 8th house influenced. There are a few things that play out differently with me but this is very dead on.

      Where did you get this?
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    Re: Moon in 8th House

    Sun, July 20, 2008 - 7:42 PM
    Thank you God Star,

    This is a good read. I got moon in 8th in aries. Reminds oneself to learn to navigate powerful emotions wisely.

    All too often, we're caught up with the fact that we have powerful emotions but forget that we can use them to better ends..

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    Wed, December 10, 2008 - 6:18 PM
    I know a guy who has Leo Moon in the 8th house. He has a stellium of Sun, Venus, and Mars in Pisces and all in the 3rd house. He's a alcoholic who confuses his dreams with his imagination. Narcissism is also in the 8th house.
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      Thu, December 11, 2008 - 1:00 PM
      Why narcissism? I have Libran Moon in the 8th so it's both diplomatic, people pleasing and potentially obsessive, seeking to merge at the same time. Wouldn 't have it any other way. Love deep diving. Surfing the mere surface is simply unsatisfactory...
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        Thu, December 11, 2008 - 9:27 PM
        >>> Why narcissism?

        Because a person can get very deep into the psychological dreck going on within themselves. To other people, such concern with the self is considered "narcissism".
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          Fri, December 12, 2008 - 1:30 AM
          "Because a person can get very deep into the psychological dreck going on within themselves. To other people, such concern with the self is considered "narcissism"."
          I have only experienced the narcissistic personality traits with that particular person that I know who has his Leo Moon in the 8th house. He has to be the center of everyone's attention in his circle of friends. Everyone who has an 8th house Moon has different experiences.
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            Fri, December 12, 2008 - 5:25 AM
            I like attention : ) but only from those I want it from .... no one else..then I can get kind of funny and cold...
            my goal is to focus that attention onto othes ... : ) and enjoy the magic.
            (8th h moon in virgo)

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