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"I was brought into light by the shade of great enemies" Agni Yoga, v.270 (Great article on exalted planets)

Saturn, the archetypal dweller on the threshold of Self.

The seventh exaltation resonates with the first (the exaltation of the Sun in Aries) as its echo and counterpart. Through the opposition and complementarity of the signs Aries and Libra, a polarity is revealed between the Sun and Saturn, and a partnership exalted between their functions within the universe and the human psyche.

Saturn is the "Satan" of the old astrological lore, carrier of all fateful events, negative dispositions and malefic influences.
In their exalted rapport, Saturn and the Sun are set across the horizon, "back" to face - as twilight to dawn; as fall (Libra) to spring (Aries); as the unconscious shadow to the radiance of the Self; or as the enemy-friend guarding the next gate of the emerging Self. (7th house)

The sun sets and "falls" in the West (Libra) - the West of all "Satans". The "Light from the East" falls in the Western worlds where "gold" materialises and science and technology are exalted. Yet, it is out of such science that the full light of man will arise, shining through his creative efforts and achievements (Saturn) .

Their exaltation in opposite signs reveals an underlying partnership between the two principles. On one hand, Saturn-Satan is set up as a partner to the rising of the sun; he is a key participant in the dawn of dynamic selfhood. On the other hand, the self-expression or the creative will of the exalted Sun (Sun/Aries) calls for the balancing and adjusting function of Saturn (Libra). Saturn is the dark partner in the exaltation of the light, the pressure of the "notself" destined to elicit Selfhood in the evolving consciousness (Sun), the resistance of matter which makes spirit "spring" (Aries). It is by having to emerge from the limitations of imprisoning matters that the Self is exalted.

On the archetypal threshold which Libra represents, Saturn stands as the dweller who veils and eventually reveals the Self. He guards the temporary ring-pass-not of a self and reveals the threshold to greater Selfhood hidden in the limitation imposed by self-consciousness on a broader sphere of reality and I-dentification. He guards the ascending thresholds of a self through the widening spheres of Selfhood - ever a custodian and sober reminder of the relativity (Libra) of Identity (Aries) .

Saturn as universal dweller: the relational Necessity of creation.

The exaltation of Saturn in Libra also points to the relational foundation of creation, the relational nature of the axial law along which the universe, and anything in the universe, constitutes itself and evolves. This ongoing "con-stituting" of the world-Fact - the task of "con-statuere" (lat.), that is of "setting up" an evolving world as a "co-herent" manifestation of its indwelling self - is the exalted function of Saturn, and in fact a literal translation of Saturn/Libra. In the accomplishment of this task, Saturn stands for the Law which faces and confronts each and every expression of free will (Sun/Aries) in the world - the relational Necessity (Saturn/Libra) which governs universal existence. All that springs from the initiative of men and the creation of "gods" is naturally placed in the balance of its relation to the whole and subject to the adjustments which the needs of a greater context require from the singular expressions of its units.

Saturn's exaltation in Libra suggests that the law which the planet is known to wield is a law of justness in all relationships. The expressive impulse or creative idea of an individual (Sun/Aries), touching the "bounds" of the whole, meets this law of all interrelatedness (Saturn/Libra) which confronts the "initiating" one with adjustments of will to will, action to reaction, rights to rights, freedom to freedom, or particular idea to comprehensive purpose. As Libra guards the horizon of Aries with the measure of the "Other", Saturn makes its rounds on the "borders" of any creative source, dwelling where the expression of s/Self meets resistance - this can mean the resistance of matter to Spirit and of man's egotistic will ("Satan") to God's will, or it may be as well the resistance of a person's or a group's integrity to someone's actions or ways, and the resistance which a greater purpose may oppose to creative initiative throughout cosmos.
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