Yod 'Finger of Fate'

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i was ask to share about the Yod....

The Yod

A Yod occurs when two planets in sextile (60° apart) both form an inconjunct (a 150° angle) with a third planet. The third planet in the inconjunct represents the action point of the Yod; the mid point between the other two planets is the reaction point. The action point of the configuration is sometimes called the "finger of God," and the finger formed by the two inconjuncts points to a place in your chart likely to be very active. The Yod is believed by many astrologers to be a karmic configuration, and it suggests that there is a compulsive "debt" repayment associated with the area of the chart pointed out.

The two planets in the sextile, being in complementary elements (fire and air or earth and water) work very well together, but the sign to which both of them are quincunx is of a dissimilar element to the other two and possesses characteristics that tend to be extremely incompatible with those of the other two signs. This third planet is pulling in an opposite direction from the other two and would like to resolve, but the astrological energies of the signs are so vastly different

However, unlike with a grand cross the conflict is much less apparent because the two planets in sextile cannot understand the third and it serves to create a situation which can be analogised to a coma. It is felt that the individual cannot see the conflicts involved and thus is not likely to be able to deal with them as productively as with a grand cross.[citation needed]

A hypothetical example of a yod would be with Jupiter at 11° Pisces quincunxing Mars at 11° Leo and the Sun at 11° Libra. The conflict arises between the worldly, sociable character of Leo and Libra which tend to seek inspiration in the world, versus the introverted, unworldly character of Pisces which is too sensitive to be able to cope with worldly life and aims to work in the background serving others. These energies do not interact and hence this hypothetical native would possess great difficulty making the choice between serving others and seeking inspiration on the social stage.

That 150 degree angle is called a quincunx, a strange minor aspect that, by itself, is off again, on again, favorable, unfavorable. The two planets making the quincunx seem to be out of joint. Imagine two waves going into and out of phase, first adding and then canceling each other out and you have the picture. Because of this, it is always difficult to say what the effect of a quincunx will be at any particular moment.
The result is steadier in a Yod since the power is focused. The “energy” of the two planets making the sextile seems directed to the house and sign containing that third planet. The effect of a Yod is said to be “fated” or show some special destiny. Oh sure, it sounds really impressive when you tell a client “Hey, you have a special destiny!” an emphasis on one particular area of the life.
this focus frequently seems driven, compelling.
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    Tue, February 6, 2007 - 6:03 PM

    The planets involved in a quincunx do not share the same quality or element, as is the case with squares and trines. Rather, these are two planets with very little in common, and their celestial meeting can be uneasy as a result.
    This Aspect, above all, demands that adjustments be made.

    Things will appear muted or unclear and one must resolve to gain some focus on the matters at hand. A reorganization of priorities, as well as a change in the way things are done, is wanting. A change in attitude, outlook and perspective can also be indicated. The individual must take a further cue from the planets and Houses involved in this Aspect to understand its energy fully.

    Aries-Virgo Taurus-Sagittarius
    Cancer-Sagittarius Leo-Pisces
    Aries-Scorpio Gemini-Scorpio
    Cancer-Aquarius Pisces-Libra
    Taurus-Libra Gemini-Capricorn
    Leo-Capricorn Virgo-Aquarius

    The planets' energies have to combine, but there is no straightforward way for them to 'resolve', or interact -- no apparent conflict, as with a square or an opposition; no fusion, as with the conjunction; and no flow, as with the trine or sextile -- so the result is something like a train wreck: neither saw the other coming.

    A quincunx, because of this nebulous imperative to combine energies that can't 'see' each other, can often translate in natal charts to obsessive/compulsive disorders, and other sorts of chronic, unresolvable conditions. Like house work, it is never 'finished'. Unlike a square, which creates a situation of tension and release (achievement; resolution), the quincunx is the astrological equivalent of a coma, since its energies are largely unconscious or subconscious throughout life and impossible to finish.

    *(Yod) Now, when you have two of these lovely quincunxes joined together by a sextile to create a yod, you have a fateful situation. What is fate? That which cannot be controlled or altered. Why cannot a thing be controlled or altered? Because it is either subconscious, or beyond one's control -- thus the enigmatic moniker of the "Finger of God".

    A yod will typically work out in a natal chart as some form of chronic (unfinishable) situation, such as illness, neuroses, habit formations one cannot change, etc. But, since it is always happening (like a memory resident program on a computer), it is continually exuding the energy characterized by its planets, and their signs, and the houses in which they're posited... and in most cases this corresponds to some manner of creativity, because the energy must find an outlet for continual release.

    With regard to the "cannonball effect" it is most potent when either the Sun, or the Midheaven, comprise one point of the yod.

    "If a yod were a cod, we'd all go fishing; but it's more shark than a lark, despite all our wishing."
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      Tue, February 6, 2007 - 6:22 PM

      Don’t freak out with this explanation...

      Oh My Yod

      The Yod is sometimes called the Neurotic planetary configuration. Why (you might ask) is the Yod called the Neurotic planetary configuration? Let's take a closer look at what the Yod is comprised of...

      The two green lines are both the aspect which is called a quincunx. The blue line is a sextile.

      The quincunx is an unusual aspect. In the birth chart - at certain times a quincunx seems to behave like a nice, easy, and agreeable trine. The two planets involved are happier campers. And then other times the quincunx will pull the old switcheroo and act like a tension filled square. And the person with the quincunx can never learn to depend upon any consistency of behavior between the two planets involved.

      Good Father/Bad Father

      It's time for an illustration. Let's imagine you're a child growing up... On some days, your dad is kind, loving and gentle when he's interacting with you. Then other days (out of the blue) dad can be rather mean, ugly and generally nasty. You never know from one moment to the next whether dad's going to be the "good father" or the "bad father." You can't depend on dad to be one way or the other. You learn from experience that you can't rely on dad.

      And sometimes you wish he'd either just be the "good father" OR just be the "bad father." Because - even if he were always the "bad father" - at least then you'd know what to expect from the guy.

      Unreliable.... Inconsistent.... Never knowing what to expect.... That's the beginnings of neurosis in a child growing up... and that's also the quincunx aspect in a nutshell. Sometimes the quincunx acts like a trine, and sometimes it behaves like a square... and it's the inconsistency that's driving you nuts!

      In the Yod, you've got a small family of three planets where two united parents (with the agreeable, complementary sextile) are driving their child crazy with their lack of consistency when relating to the child.

      The two parents (Planets A & B on the far left side) are all happy and cozy in their comfortable sextile (the blue line). Mom and Dad have agreed to be in collusion (the green lines) against their child (Planet C on the far right side) and over time they've managed to convince him/her (Planet C) that he/she is crazy. And poor little Planet C never, ever knows what to expect from Planets A & B.

      And that's why the quincunx is sometimes called the neurotic aspect and the Yod is sometimes called the Neurotic planetary configuration.
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        Tue, February 6, 2007 - 6:24 PM

        Here are some examples:

        Ted Turner has Mars (action, energy) in his 10th house (career) making a sextile with Mercury (communications). The planet that completes the Yod is Uranus (originality, independence) in his 5th house (creativity). Uranus rules everything electrical, including television.

        People with Uranus strong in their horoscopes instinctively try to do things that others say are impossible and will never work. Turner was among the first to put a local station on satellite. He also started the Cable News Network (CNN) which was expected to flop.
        How about the great number of other people born on the same day as Ted Turner? Why aren’t they all rich and famous? First of all, that Yod doesn’t promise fame and fortune. It simply adds energy and originality to communications. In many areas of the world, these things are frowned upon and aspects like this will only get you into trouble.

        Turner’s Yod gets an extra boost because Uranus sits on top of the Moon’s South Node. This adds extra comfort to what we are doing, do much in fact, that it may also seem like we’ve been doing that same thing all our lives
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          Wed, February 7, 2007 - 10:51 AM
          I have a interesting yod...the "point" is a conjunction of Uranus and Pluto in the 1st house. Mars Quincunx Uranus; Jupiter Quincunx Pluto.
          I am REALLY experiencing the Yod energy, as Uranus in transit is opposing Pluto.
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        Tue, February 20, 2007 - 6:04 PM
        Oh my Yod, indeed!

        This is true of myself as well as a tribe friend. We had terrible parents... that we barely survived...and who blamed us for their shortcomings. I still have the nagging ghost of my father hanging around! that I am progressively growing indifferent to making him grow fainter.
        To look back is to perish. We have no choice but to go forward, having run on thin ice for all of our lives. Only velocity saved us.

        The tribe friend is a Scorpio/Capricorn mixture while I am an Aries Sun - kitchen sundry -one position that will save your neck (but not spare the famous butting Aries head) Ahaha this is a black ...baaahlack..joke.

        The Yod or finger of God - and sometimes the devil as it is occasionnaly known - is a foretells a strong predestined life with a dynamic that must be solved in THIS life. I actually went back in time and it came up that I had signed for this. I was up to a challenge and would not have had it any other way (brain dead Aries).

        What a terrible f***kin life!
        How could parents, people who should be your closer allies behave that way? I simply have wonder - no more sadness - at the fact. I almost hope that there is no notion of Karma for all parties involved in this. But it is not my recourse nor my business.These huge cogs are turning.

        I am pretty much converted to cast iron by now through the crucible - Aries head and all - and the tribe friend is coming along nicely at a saner pace.
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          Wed, February 21, 2007 - 9:44 PM

          "And sometimes you wish he'd either just be the "good father" OR just be the "bad father." Because - even if he were always the "bad father" - at least then you'd know what to expect from the guy."

          I have a yod with pluto, neptune and chiron
          pluto conjuncts my libra asc., neptune in sag 3rd, and taurus chiron in 8th..chiron at apex of yod.

          that description fit my early life. My father was a drunk who was abusive. I don't want to get into it but we called him Jekyl and Hyde. He was nice when sober, but he drank every night, and every night got mean. I used to feel that it would be easier to be mad at him indefinately if he was just mean 24/7. He had a split personality though, brought on by alcohol. But I knew what he was capable of, and it hurt. And I still get nervous about people and not knowing what to expect. I didn't understand how he could switch like that. And my mom, that was messed up too but I don't wanna rehash. I'd say the legacy left not trusting people and getting hurt easily. not wanting to get too close bc I wear my heart on my sleeve.

          It was really dysfuntional and messed up the things that went on. It finally ended when I was 15, and he got kicked out. I think much too late. I'm 25 now, and this year has been time of trying to heal it completely and put it behind me. It gets better.

          Anyways, I never read that about a yod and it hit me, thanks.
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            Re: Yod 'Finger of Fate'

            Fri, February 23, 2007 - 7:59 PM
            a friend and i were recounting our abusive childhood last night. we are both the eldest child, both the only ones who suffered bad physical abuse - he from his dad and me from my mum. both of us have huge anger issues -he explodes and i implode. we're joking that we have parallel lives going in the opposite direction. well, last night we made a deal - that we confront our parents and tell them about the hurt they caused and then let it go. and we have to do it before we die (he insisted within the next few years but im not so ready) and tell each other about that aftermath. we both know we made a very scary pact but it's something that has to be done so that we can move on and not repeat these negative energies that were passed down from one parent to the next.

            pluto and neptune forms 2 yods within one degree of each other -one in chiron and the neighbour on my midheaven in taurus. but i was thinking since the pluto/neptune sextile lasted so long that many people have it, if in some ways, these yods are not generational?
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              Fri, February 23, 2007 - 10:43 PM
              recently, in re-examining my birth chart & including some asteroids, I noticed 2 yods & have been casually contemplating them ever since ~ if anyone has any insight to add it would be greatly appreciated ~

              an Aries Chiron, 12th house, is the point of one, with connections to my Scorpio Sun conjunct Scorpio Mercury & Scorpio Hekate, all in the 7th house & the other leg to Black Moon Lilith in Virgo, 6th house

              the asteroid Ceres/Demeter in Aries, 1st house, is the point of the second yod, with a connection to my Scorpio Neptune, 8th house & my Virgo Pluto, 6th house

              here's my chart

              both yods straddle my ascendant & part of fortune in Aries & I've been actively researching the Lilith forms for a while now ~ so I'm sure that this is most useful information for me ~ but I have yet to de-tangle the threads & look closely at these yods (I think I'm a bit intimidated by them also) ~ I'd **love** it if anyone wanted to push me into deeper analysis.........

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        Sat, March 3, 2007 - 11:57 PM
        Usually a person who has a yod has a special gift of some kind. Sometimes its difficult to bring that gift into being or master it and sometimes you don't even realize you have it (the gift).

        Sports astrologers have done studies and discovered that the best pro basketball players seem to have yods, whereas baseball players have t-squares, because baseball requires brute strength and basketball is about being agile, quick on your feet, and adaptable.

        Those with yods seem to have more to overcome, but they are blessed with the ability to overcome it.
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          Re: Yod 'Finger of Fate'

          Mon, March 12, 2007 - 4:19 PM
          Thank you, Aurian.....

          that's comforting amidst most of what seems to be oftentimes negative interpretations.

          I like your anaylsis better. ;-)
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    Sun, February 25, 2007 - 7:05 AM
    I do agree with alot of the above stresses in aspect, I visualise the yod as the" key stone" that supports the bridge, the two quincunx 150 angles create the pressure to the key stone and hold it in place, creating a definate bridge, arc , doorway through to the vocation or finger of god point.
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    Mon, May 26, 2008 - 1:42 PM
    However, on occasion, there is some common ground based on rulership when the quincunx is formed between Aries and Scorpio (ruled by Mars) or Taurus and Libra (ruled by Venus). Because the quincunx is a minor aspect, the orb must be tighter than the Ptolemy aspects. The orb for the quincunx must not be more than 2°.

    The Yod typically is identified with timing and crisis or the need to act. The need will develop through the apex while the opportunity to the action will develop through the sextiled planets. The nature of the Yod is to produce disrupting thought patterns since there is little energy within the chart configuration to unify these planets. The two sextile planets tend to work together to the detriment of the apex planet. When the Yod is transited, the Yod individual tends to feel the urge to react immediately, then sensing that the decision to act was wrong, will wait too long to correct the first action. Individuals who can plan their actions to the timing of a transit to the first sextile planet and to end during the transit of the second sextile planet may begin to sense the "Finger of God" description given to the Yod. The annoying factor of the Yod is that the individual tends to feel that important information is missing when it is time to make a decision. When the individual learns to trust the timing and the Yod is integrated into their decisions, the individual then begins to grasp the "higher order" status of the configuration.

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