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My Chiron is conjunct to my Gemini sun. What does that mean?
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    When Chiron aspects a planet in the horoscope, the aspected planet is Chirotic. On the most primary level, the planet aspected by Chiron is similar in feeling to a planet involved in a quincunx, i.e., it is constantly activated and being pushed to a new level of awareness. Specifically, contents in the subconscious mind related to past life struggles which are relevant to emotional responses for this lifetime are activated within the vibration of the planet that is in aspect to Chiron. On a more subtle level, aspects to Chiron attune the planet in aspect to "Chiros."

    Chiros is the realm beyond linear time which is ruled by Saturn. It is the place where events in the here and now relate to the synchronicity principle.

    The synchronous level is our experience with congruences between this dimension and other non-physical dimensions. It is the place where we can find the interface between realities. It is the place in time where we can attain another plane of awareness by simply moving our focus to another realm.

    For example, it is the place in the psyche which recognizes significant meaning with another human that you've just met whether you know it is based on a past life contact or not. So, regarding a planet aspected by Chiron, outside events occur which attune this planet to higher consciousness vibrations in attunement with the planet in aspect. For example, natives with Chiron sextile the Sun will draw parents who try to raise the child in a good environment. Those parents also probably knew the child before.

    Jungians say the synchronicity principle is "accusal." To me that means the cause is not definable on the physical plane; the cause is coming from the universal timeless mind, the emotional and soul body or some other dimension which we haven't even intuited or identified yet. The planets in aspect to Chiron can resonate easily on all those levels. And regarding the "accusal" synchronicity principle, now that Chiron has been sighted, we are beginning to attune to the "unseen" causes. As we attune to them our bridge to multidimensional realms is stronger.

    Planets in aspect to Chiron feel unstable at first; they represent energies which we feel compelled to experience and master.

    Chiron's role is to destabilize, to infuse Saturnian form with Uranian energy. The experiences related to planets aspected by Chiron have only really been pushed into action since November 1977 when Chiron was sighted. Many new consciousness programs, movements, and new paradigms and readers should take a moment to reflect on changes in their behavior since that time.

    Chiron and the Sun

    The effects can be similar to Chiron in Leo (which is ruled by the Sun). Chiron aspects to the Sun can make you feel "special." There is frequently a strong sense of being here for some grand "purpose" or other. There is an ability to help others with their creativity and self-expression, but if you have this aspect, make sure not to neglect your own. Negatively, there could be an increased sensitivity to criticism of any sort. Learn to take it without feeling like you are being attacked or that they all hate you.

    Chiron - Sun: In positive aspects, Sun and Chiron combine to create harmony, empathy and understanding in the native. A positive self-image can be enhanced by beneficial contacts. The harsher contacts can bring out anger and frustration stemming from a lack of self-worth or a blow to the ego. It can be hard for the individual to express their inner needs, ideas, and emotions.
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      Sat, June 23, 2007 - 8:33 PM

      Chiron in Gemini:

      Yours is a crisis about finding new forms of perception and integration. You are a natural teacher and communicator, and the awakening process of Chiron will be an enjoyable one for you, as Gemini thrives on learning and new experiences. Your keynote is awareness, your mission is about understanding the thought patterns of your culture so that you may help to shape its changes. Your challenge is to learn that the way we think creates the reality we experience, and that we can therefore change it by consciously changing our thought patterns. You tend to be very attuned to the mass consciousness and work to effect the changes you believe in. You are very perceptive about the movement of electrical energies in the body, and are able to easily accommodate and manifest the energy of Uranus.

      communicator, open to new ideas.

      Main motivation:
      Intellectual stimulation

      (and how to transform them)

      Lacks patience, too analytical
      Ask the Light for strength to wait, without jumping to conclusions.

      Gets bored easily
      When not feeling stimulated, ask for strength to go through the illusionary boring process.

      Impatient with others, sees only the big picture
      Focus on details.

      Thinks he/she is not as smart than others
      Know that all understanding has its limits, and only the Light has flawless answers.

      Trust the Light, not the mind. Choose the uncomfortable and do it with certainty.

      Lack of depth in undertakings
      Go beyond intellectual stimulation. Push to go deeper and know the Light is always there waiting for you.

      Constantly changing, lacking consistency
      Focus on gradual process to achieve fast results. True changes are internal – not external.

      Judging too quickly
      Don’t jump to conclusions – you might not fall or fail yourself and ideas ..You heal though communication
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        Sat, June 23, 2007 - 8:37 PM

        Think of Communication and Expressing ideas... the house placement will tell you where this exchange might happen or subject area

        From our very own Zane

        Sun aspect to Chiron:

        The Sun is the source of life in the chart, and the basic, conscious self of the person. Any Chiron aspects to the Sun tend to set the person apart in the way they see themselves, and thus, in the sense of purpose s/he develops.

        In the long run, this also makes the person stand out in the eyes of others, as someone following some special pathway s/he has marked out, rather than one society has marked for the individual. The hard aspects show this strongly, but even the ‘minor’ aspects produce somewhat the same effect. There is a tendency with Chiron/Sun aspects for the person to develop a ‘superiority complex’, although this need not occur [other factors in the chart may have much to do with this].

        But even in those who do not see themselves above others, Chiron/Sun aspects produce a feeling of ‘destiny’ in some specific direction, or some intuition that they understand some specific vision, or some specific method of doing something, better than anyone else. Not that they are the best in their whole field [some feel that way], but that they are the only ones, or the best ones at understanding some specific aspect of their profession---or that they have a method that no one else can match. There is a very strong creative bent---these people have an originality that can make them famous. Usually there is some type of charisma, yet, at the same time, others tend to be wary of these people.


        A very intense version of the traits described in the previous paragraph. These people are definitely originals, and frequently, originators. For the most part the are full of spirit and with a great wit; able to reach people on all levels as though they were equals. But there is, nevertheless, a kind of barrier around these people that few can pass through, close up. They may alienate many people, even groups of people, with the stands they take in life—but this is usually because those who feel alienated cannot see why the Chiron/Sun person does not buckle under, fit in, stick to the traditional rules. In truth, they DO disregard many rules, for themselves [although they usually won’t begrudge you if you follow them].

        They tend especially to ignore people who say, ‘That can’t be done' or ‘You can’t do it that way.’ Not only that, but once they choose how they are going to express themselves, their goals, or their creative nature---they refuse to accept any obstacles in their way. This refusal to be stopped leads them into many new worlds---enabling them to bring together elements and ideas which others may never think of connecting. Most people with this aspect do have a great concern for people and people's problems---but frequently give the impression that they don’t want to be bothered by the problems of an individual. [This may not be true at all---but it often appears that way]. To sum up, let us say that these people go through life forming two groups of people---those who like them, and those who don’t. It is very, very difficult to be indifferent about this type of person.

        Chiron in Gemini:

        High on the list of priorities with these people is, as you might suspect, communication or ideas. It is especially important for them to understand why there is a communication breakdown, or why there is an obstacle to communication, and to do everything to resolve the situation. Therefore these are the best people to have around as non-biased third parties in a dispute. The want very much to contact as many people as possible, and it hurts them if they are misunderstood. If they take up a cause, they can be quite fiery advocates. Learning is paramount to them, and they love to learn new ways of thinking, new ways of problem solving. They are always testing, testing, to see just what limitations their immediate environment puts on them, and on others.
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          Thu, July 12, 2007 - 12:07 PM
          I know two guys with this placement: one is a brilliant doctor, the other is a paranoid schizophrenic (when he is back to reality he is a great guy and a very smart person).
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    Sat, July 21, 2007 - 2:47 PM
    My Chiron is conjunct with my Taurus sun, in the eighth house. Is anybody willing to share specifics on that placement?
    I relate to much of what was said in the previous posts, especially in regards to not necessarily following the rules. Well, I do follow the rules, but they are very much my own set of rules.
    "For the most part they are full of spirit and with a great wit; able to reach people on all levels as though they were equals. But there is, nevertheless, a kind of barrier around these people that few can pass through, close up." That pretty much sums it up. I have come to understand that I can be kind of a slippery fish. Durn it, though, sometimes I wouldn't mind getting caught! (All that Venus influence in my chart...)
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      Tue, March 3, 2009 - 10:12 AM
      My chiron also conjuncts my Taurus sun, but in the 7th house.

      I've gotten the strange impression that I can be hard for anyone to hold onto, despite my strong desire to be gripped for life. I'm like teflon. Nothing sticks for very long.

      I am able to connect to anyone as an equal. The problem in the working world, as I recently found, is that some people consider it an insult to be considered on an equal plane with you. Some people prefer to feel they are above you, and if you relate to them as an equal anyway...well, fireworks. *shrug* I can't help it. Not even celebrities get special treatment from me.

      What it neglects to mention is the whole self-worth thing. Chiron affects the sun in that way too, in that things cut deeper there.

      In the past, I have felt like I was 'special', here for a reason, etc etc. It may just be a life-cycle thing, but I no longer feel that way. Instead, I see other particular people as incredibly special, and here to keep my 'normal' little self on my life path- which, unfortunately, is pretty much to struggle through it. I suppose it's meant to be that way though, for some to have to struggle. I tried to explain to my guide how I could feel very old, but very raw emotionally. She told me that she was sorry to say that I've been here a very long time. If that is true, then it is right that I struggle in this life and maybe gain some ground for my soul. Maybe in the next life, I'll get to be the girl who only worries about the color of her prom dress and how to keep hundreds of boys from falling for her.

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