North Node in the 9th house

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(South Node in the 3rd)

This individual is forever pulling himself out of webs of entanglement. Every relationship he enters becomes so complicated that he has to use all his energies to free himself. In past incarnations he developed a great need for people, and herein lies his weak spot, for as much as he now thinks he would like to be alone he feels an almost compelling need to reach for others.

He listens to problems and likes to be in the position of giving advice. Often frustrated by the multitude of problems dumped in his lap, he secretly thinks that if he had had more education he would be better equipped to cope with all the questions that befall him. He keeps trying to be as diplomatic as possible, and is constantly enmeshed in the after-thoughts of the words he has spoken to others.

Always conscious of the interpretation his words may be given, he nurtures an inner fear of being misunderstood. As a result, he keeps going back to yesterday’s conversation to re-explain all that he meant.

He must understand the essence of truth without having to feel compelled to make truth smaller by trying to communicate it verbally to others.

One of his greatest problems is dealing with the karmic residue of an insatiable curiosity, which although it served him well in former incarnations now keeps leading him deeper into webs of details. His greatest crises occur each time he is forced to make decisions, for rather than relying on his intuition or his higher mind, he keeps seeking more facts and details in the hope that when he has all the information the decision-making process will be easier.

Constantly striving to achieve neutrality, he becomes a paradox to himself. In prior lives, he fell into the habit of identifying with catchy phrases, cute sayings and euphemisms to the point that he has now become a walking cliché.

Liking to read and explore a wonderland of knowledge that he sees around him, his life is a constant thirst for more understanding. He is convinced that this is the one path in life that has no end. Whatever he becomes keenly interested in he can make into a life-long study, particularly if the South Node is in a fixed sign.

He likes to feel worldly. As a result, he'll do things that others wouldn't, just for the sake of experiencing new understanding.

His current life is involved with so many people that hurt feelings are bound to fly, not because of any malicious intent but rather through the inability to keep up with everyone in whose life he has become involved. At the very deepest of levels, he has many inner doubts about himself which become amplified when he speaks with others, for if it were at all possible he would try to be all things to all people.

As a result of past-life habits, he spends too much time in 'lower mind'. He goes through more movement than he has to; and if this is not expressed physically, then he does it in thought. At times his merry-go-round of possibilities is so great that he thoroughly drains himself by thinking about what he should do. As a result he does nothing.

He will experience fears that he is sexually impotent. Once he starts questioning along this track, his enormous thirst for understanding can lead him into a promiscuous behavior pattern until he is reassured that all is well and he is perfectly normal.

On his deepest level, he is not a sexual animal, but in fact so mentally inclined that he has fears of being shut out from the nitty-gritty of life because of his mental inclinations.

Like the young child afraid his peers will accuse him of being a bookworm, he will dare himself to prove that he can be accepted in a physically-oriented world. Nevertheless, his greatest subconscious need is one day to become a walking encyclopedia so that he will never be caught short, lacking the right piece of information at the right moment.

His biggest growth comes when he learns how to make the karmic transition from lower to higher mind. As he drops his past-life attachment to trivia, his eyes begin to open wide to the enormous horizons before him.

The less he talks to others, the more faith he starts to develop.

He must lead how constantly to broaden his interests so that the scope of his knowledge is not limited by the demands of his immediate circle of relationships. He does well when he learns how to step back so that he can see the forest from the trees. When he does this, he also learns how to let things slide off his back, which gives him a new sense of peace that somehow always eluded his reach.

Traveling helps to broaden his perspective, and he meets his greatest successes far from his place of birth. For some, the life will be influenced greatly by a foreigner.

Through the ninth house North Node, enormous spiritual growth is possible once the individual has learned how to pull away from all his prior-life doubts and questions. He must take his mind out of a finite world and focus on an infinite consciousness.

He will lose friends by doing this, for there are few who will understand his sudden aloofness. But through those who stay with him he will learn the difference between a friend and an acquaintance. As he grows, he begins to focus on ideas rather than the words through which the ideas are expressed. He sees how others limit themselves by language, and tries to speak to their ideas rather than to their words. The sign which contains the South Node indicates the ways in which the soul memory of past incarnations is still too embedded in lower mind activities. The sign which contains the North Node shows the ways in which the individual can now free himself through the broadening influence of the higher mind.
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    Sat, October 18, 2008 - 3:51 PM
    wow really???, I have this placement too!
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      Sat, October 18, 2008 - 6:26 PM
      I can only describe this through someone elses words and not much detail but all in all it still helps ....

      Node Seventh House (Libra), North Node First House (Aries)

      The house description of the Nodes always tells us in what area of our life things are happening, and where attention is needed to be paid. In this aspect, with the South Node in the Libra ruled house of partnerships, marriage, and one-to-one relationships, we see that the default pattern which the Soul wants to leave behind involves being in close relationships in an unhealthy way. It often points to too much enmeshment or co-dependency with another or any kind of unequal relationship which is not a win-win situation.

      The North Node in the First House, which has its normal ruler Aries, reflects a soul desire to independence and individuation—to taking care of our own needs and desires first, and putting emphasis on surviving and fighting for what we believe in. The first house is about the individual rather than the group, family or couple, so the individual needs to comes first, before a healthy relationship with others can be achieved.

      Yet this Libra/Aries polarity from the seventh to the first house is ultimately about the balance between you and another person, between I and Thou, between Mars and Venus being in co-operative relationship with each other. Even though the Nodes always show an imbalance, they also show a fascinating inter-relationship—and this time it’s between the male and female parts of our nature. And here, it’s saying that the assertive, male, independent qualities are calling to be further developed, and yet there is gold in the wisdom of the receptive, interdependent female side of ourselves. That is the “gold in the shadow” or the gold of understanding that we came into this life with---so now, we need to use that assertive, goal-making part of ourselves to become all we can be, and not to let the process of relationships through us off balance. Sometimes easier said than done! But there is nothing healthier than a good balance of these two Nodal energies.
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        Sat, October 18, 2008 - 7:27 PM

        North Node in Aries represents a karmic drive to embrace your identity, to make your own decisions and live your own life. The South Node in Libra represents a longing for relationship. The longing is so strong and intense, that you often will try to make the connection by doing the Libra thing, trying to be the person you think your partner wants. This never works. You will find fulfilling relationships only when you embrace your own desires and wants (Aries), take the risk of being your own person, following your impulses.

        this description I can realte to more ..less about co dependency and more about wanting to be the "Good" person
        trying to be the peacemaker at all cost in the past , pushing my"self " into the background in the name of "love:
        .... doesnt quite work for me anymore heeheee! : ) ( the last 7 years now) I am a late bloomer)
        I always saw myself as much more productive when not in a relationship because they consumed me and my energy.....
        Have said a few times , even to partners, that I feel as if I were born to live alone.. ..
        but I think that was the inner me calling for independence...
        raised in a very conservative , oldfashioned, and strict household .... when younger It was ingrained that giving anything less of myself as a woman was going against my role and tradition ... so I lived it yet felt out of place within it.
        I still do desire the soul connection but not in place of or changing who I am.... but in unity with who I am....

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